Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My position on 26, god(s) and reality - and my respect of those who don’t respect me

I have always been a skeptic, even as a young child. When someone would tell me something that just didn’t seem to reside within our everyday realm of reality - I wouldn’t even make snap judgments, I would simply ask them for proof. And even if that person couldn’t provide any evidence at the time for backing up their claims, then I just might have even research the subject myself. However, if I felt that what they were claiming didn’t have any relevance to me anyway, then I would simply dismiss the subject and move on.

But by the time that I was in my 20s, and I had heard so much utter tripe and deluded bullshit, that I had just reach a point in my life, where I just wasn’t even open, to even entertaining any of the extraordinary claims made by others, and of those who presented them to me, and without even one shard of proof. I had already heard most of the cons before, like the “pyramid schemes,” and most of the other kinds of outright fraud. And I often wondered just how anyone could be so gullible, as to fall for any of those old tricks again. I had heard the claims of those pushing the diet pills, and the pills that they claimed, would enlarge the size of a man’s penis – someone can believe as hard as they like, that if they take a pill, which is “only sold on TV,” that it will cause them to drop 60 pounds, and even believe that they will lose the pounds, while they simply sit on their big fat ass, and eat and watch TV, or that if they believe, that by simply taking a pill, that it will add inches to the size of their penis – just because they believe that it will happen, simply isn’t going to make it happen - that is simply ignorant and deluded. They have simply bought into a world of magic realism. One can buy into the world of magical thinking and believing if they choose, and follow on blind faith anything that they like – but don’t even ask me, for my respect of your silly and deluded childlike beliefs - - as my intellect simply prevents me from feeding your delusion.

When Christians and other religious people, start telling me that I should respect their beliefs, and that I should respect their beliefs, simply because that’s what they have chosen to believe; I ask myself, why should I respect a belief, which is based on nothing more than magical realism, (simply pretending that something is real, doesn’t make it real) why should I have any respect for anything of which there is absolutely no evidence, that can even begin to provide any essence of truth whatsoever – when in reality, what they’re really asking me for, is my accepting, and then submitting to their deluded and ignorant worldview – there is a big difference between having respect for a person, and having respect for what they just happen to believe in – and anyone who demands that I respect something that they believe, and simply because they believe it, then I simply can’t have any respect for that person either. And what this all really comes down to, is I’m not going to change my worldview, just so I can garner respect for the delusion of yours - when in reality, you have absolutely no respect for my worldview at all, and you even believe that mine is evil – so in the end, I will simply choose to keep my intellect, and you can take your faith, and then shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!


Life and the Universe – the never ending story?

When Christians start asking me, if I don’t believe in Jesus and heaven, then just what do I live for? I start thinking about the day in early May, when I told our 4 year old son, that we would be taking him and his brothers on a trip to Disney land in about a month in the second week in June – he had become so excited over this trip, that he could hardly even contain himself – he awoke the next morning, and asked me if we were going to Disney land today, and I told him not today, and it was not even June yet – then after almost a week of him asking me this same question every day, I finally told him that if he didn’t start being a good boy, and if he didn’t stop asking me this same question every day, that he just might not be going to Disney Land ever – from that day forward, he was on his best behavior, and he never asked me that question again either – he then simply started asking his mom, who then placed a calendar on the wall in his bedroom, and then she started marking off the days until our trip – I thought to myself, why in the hell, couldn’t I have simply thought of doing that myself? And no, I wasn’t being mean to our son.

I believe that it’s always nice; to have something happening to look forward to, but just as long as that something, is in fact real. When Christians ask me (what I perceive as a very hateful question) why if I don’t believe in Jesus and heaven, then just what do I look forward to doing after I die – I then often ask them, if they believe that they’re going to heaven, when they die, and if that’s all that they live for, then why in the hell, don’t they just pick up a gun, and then simply expedite their journey , and I tell them, that I don’t even believe, that Jesus would even mind at all, if they did. Most devout Christian, have about the same level of understanding reality, as most 4 year old children have – Christians await the day, when a loud trumpet will sound, and a supersized Jesus descends from the clouds, and with a big gold sword sticking out of his mouth – and they just can’t seem to understand, just how anyone without something like that to look forward to, could possibly live a happy life at all. Most of the atheists who I know, do in fact live extremely happy lives, simply living within the constructs of reality, and by making the best out of the only life that we know – but, what if this just wasn’t, the only life that we have to live – what if we did in fact discover, that we will all be back someday, and would this change the way we all look at life today?

So just what in the hell am I talking about? Years ago, my physics professor explained a mathematical theory of the cosmos to me, one which is based on a model of the universe that postulates, that the universe is only, in its true natural state, when it’s in the complete state of zero energy, and that the state of zero energy, is the only primacy for its existence – we are all currently, simply living in one of its infinite cyclic states, between our current state of energy, and the natural state of zero energy – and the universe is forever locked into these cycles. In short; the current state of our universe, is not the reason for why it exsist, and therefore, there is no first cause – the universe exists, simply because it does. What this says in effect, is that at a fixed point, sometime in the future, that all of the matter in the universe, will return to the natural state of zero energy, (where it is most happy) and then sometime after that, the opposite of the big bang will occur (all of the particles, of which comprised the former universe, will then coalesce and create the next singularity, and then, bang again – and the universe is off and running again – after which, all of the stars will form again, including our own sun and solar system, and our planet earth). Then, about a billion years after the earth has formed again, the same minor planet will collide with the earth again, and then form our moon again – and then in about 3 billion years after that, you’ll be back here reading this post again as well. And the real crazy things about this theory are, that even if this theory was in fact reality, and you knew it, you still wouldn’t be able to change one single thing in life from one cycle to the next – and even if we did discover that this theory was true, this same discovery would have had to happened in every other cycle also, including the next ones to come.

How would this change your view of life, and how would this effect religion – with all of its silly beliefs  

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why is jesus missing:

As I was watching this video, I really started to understand, for the first time just why our children just love the secular Europe countries, where they have lived and went to school. In this video, a large racially diverse group of young children and young adults, simply came together and did something real cool. Then after they finish singing and some of them are being interviewed, of sorts – you find something missing – where is all of the christ-speak - and thanking “jesus,” and praising the “lord”?

These deluded Christian idiots and morons here in the states, can’t even play a football game without bringing all of their deluded Christian-bullshit to the game, and some even have to paint bible bullshit on their face – they thank their “lord” when they make a touchdown, or when they win the game, but where was they fucking “lord,” when the 1000s of poor children died while they played their fucking game?

I simply love this video – you see so much pride and joy on the faces of these children and young adults, and my hats off big-time to the Director!!!



My Christian friend is becoming rational – praise the “lord”

I recently called a longtime christian friend, to wish him and his wife a happy holiday. His 2 children are both about the same ages as ours, and they played and all grew up together. I’ve known this guy and his wife for almost 25 years; back when I first met this guy, and after him and his wife, had gotten over the shock, that they were living next door to a family of atheists, (we were the first atheists, that they had ever met) we all became good friends. He became the kind of friend that you talk shit with when you guys were alone with each other – the kind of friend that when he see’s you working around house, or fixing something, he always has to put in his two cents worth – he always has a better way of doing things; and the kind of friend that if you overheard us talking to each other in a hardware store, you might not think that we were friends at all.

In the summer, we would load up the children, camping gear and the ATV’s, and then convoy to the Ocean together – both of our families were very close, and we had a lot of fun together – but then came all of the invites to attend church with them, and all of the proselytizing. Both he and I were making a hell of a lot of money back then, and despite the fact that I was out of town a lot of the time, him and his wife believed that we were excellent parents, and had great children, and that the only other thing that we needed, was “jesus” in our lives. This guy and his wife were also real close friends with their preacher and his wife, at the church where they attended. There were times when his proselytizing would put a great strain on our friendship, and I would unload on his ass about his deluded belief in a ghost raped, little virgin-born bastard-savior, named “jesus” – I never attacked him personally, but to him, attacking his fucking “lord,” was the same as attacking him – his wife would always say: “he’ll come around to jesus.”

The last two times that I had talked to this guy, I didn’t even notice that he didn’t come at me with his christ-speak and deluded christian-talk – so I asked him: “you’re not trying to save my heathen soul anymore, you fucking asshole - so what gives here?” he then told me, that after their children had dropped by the house on their mom’s birthday, and both of them were proclaiming that they were now agnostics, and parroting a lot of the stuff that I used to say (I never talked to his children about their beliefs) he and his wife started thinking about what they believed in as well. He told me that neither he nor his wife, still believes in all of that made up bullshit in the bible, like the talking-snake, and the virgin-birth of jesus, and all of the other magic and bullshit about christ’s life and death – he said that today, he can’t understand just how he ever believed, that all of that bullshit was true; however, he said that both him and his wife, still consider themselves christians. He said that they now only follow, the christian teachings – like do unto others, help the poor and other stuff like that… he even apologized to me, for all of his past proselytizing.

I didn’t even know what to say at that point; I thought that I should have felt something, or even started gloating, and talking shit or something – but the only thing that I said was again, enjoy the holidays – he then invited me and my family to his home for a New Years Eve party.

I’ve never been religious – even as a young child, I found the story of christ simply ridiculous – the ghost raping the little girl, all of the fucking magic – walking on water, turning water into wine, raising the dead – a dead for 3 days, stinking and rotting corpse arose, and then walking among the living – and simply believe all of this silly and mindless bullshit, and you’ll live forever somewhere in the fucking sky. So I just can’t get a grasp on what this guy and his wife are going through. And can someone still be a “christian,” without believing all of the supernatural bullshit? Or is this just the path that some christians take to avoid the atheist stigma? What do you think about this?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"In god we trust" – and in ignorance they live:

I started following the story about the nativity scene, and the sign placed next to it by the Freedom From Religion Foundation in the Mississippi State Capitol that Vjack had posted about today over at Atheist Revolution. Then as I was following the links to the story, I started reading some of the comments left by readers at WLBT3 news in Jackson MS. There is absolutely, not anything in which those who carry the Christian mind-virus can say or do, that surprises me anymore; I believe that we all have heard most of their deluded nonsense many times before – but still, I just find the level of willful ignorance in Christians, just astounding.

Mskathy wrote:

“America was founded on "In God We Trust." We need to stand up for our beliefs and our God. We should not allow other states or people to contradict our beliefs or to tell us how we should believe. If they do not like what Mississippians believe or feel toward our God then they should go home. We did not ask them to come here in the first place. My God is awesome!!!!! Lets stop this destruction now and for all.”

Well, just for your information Mskathy, the state of Mississippi receives a lot of my tax dollars, and I don’t want one single penny of it spent in anyway for prompting your delusion – and by the way, you won’t find the word “god,” in any of the founding documents either, and the printing of “in god we trust” on our money, didn’t come about until the mid-1950s.

Navy_Dad wrote:

“How long will this county that was built on the phrase "In God We Trust" continue down this road of destruction, this truly is the greatest country on earth and because of those four simple words!!!!”

Normanandholly wrote:

“Oh my what we has happened to us as a State and a Nation. America was founded on God we Trust. We allow a group from another state to come in and delare that there is no God and now they have the right to place a sign up in our captial buliding. I wonder is there a sign in thier captial building declaring that there is a GOD. It is time for us to put our principles to work. Do let other speak for you. Silence has gotten us nowhere.”

“Silence has gotten us nowhere.”

Since when have these deluded morons ever been silent about anything which concerns their delusion?

realAmerican wrote:

“Technically, the "holiday season" starts with Thanksgiving and lasts until New Year's and encompasses all the celebrations in between. That includes Kwanzaa and Chanukah and any other holiday that may fall in that time period.

The truth is that Christmas is just about as an American holiday as you can think of. The vast majority of us do celebrate it, whether in a religious or non-religious manner. The Nativity is part of the religious side of Christmas. Yes, the Winter Solstice was the original celebration for this time of year. However, for all you Atheists, that is/was a RELIGIOUS celebration.

As for the group calling themselves "Freedom from Religion Foundation," maybe they need to reread the First Amendment to the Constitution. It says freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.

You don't believe in God, fine, that is your right, but do not think for one minute that Atheism is not a religion. It's just a religion without any entity to worship.”

By the way, what are you people afraid of? Do you think that you or your children will be automatically converted to "our way of thinking" if you set eyes on a religious symbol? Are you THAT unsure of your beliefs, or lack thereof?”

Man, realAmerican makes my head hurt – no, realAmerican makes my asshole hurt! The level of willful ignorance, stupidity and delusion is just astounding in these morons. I am really starting to believe that these deluded Christian-morons, must believe that they have some “god” and state given right, to torment all of us nonbelievers with their Christian bullshit – where in the Constitution does it say, that as an atheist, I have no freedom from religion, or is this deluded moron just saying that I only have the freedom of choosing a religion?

One having no belief in god(s) is about as much of a religion, as not being a stamp collector makes someone religious. And I just don’t understand their believing that we fear something about Christianity; and there is absolutely nothing within Christianity, that’s going to change my mind or the minds of my children about the reality of this deluded mind-virus – I have no fear whatsoever of this deluded Christian myth, I only have concerns because of how this mind-rotting virus of delusion, and willful ignorance and stupidity, causes those silly people to act.

These people can believe all of their silly and delude nonsense, until the cows come home, but it still won’t make any of it true – and yes, I do have the right to live my life within reality, and they have the right to be just as uneducated, and ignorant of reality as they choose – just don’t make me support your ignorance and stupidity, with my tax dollars!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sister Cadillac Kimberly tells it like it is about Eddie Long:

Sister Kimberly is a living testament that not all black folks are simply ignorant and mindless, fearful “Christian” sheep, who will believe almost any silly thing that they are told, and just as long as “Christ” is included, somewhere in the mix – and despite all of her Christ-speak, personally, I believe that she’s about as much of a Christian, as my left testicle is – although, I recently discovered that my right testicle was a practicing Muslim in its teen years, and before it also found enlightenment – so you just can’t never be 100% sure about these kinds of things either.   

Monday, December 6, 2010

Believers See “jesus” on Power Pole:

When I first saw this video, the first thing that popped into my mind, was those bat-shit crazy Bible-Belt Christians, had finally captured the Plant-Man from that silly sci-fi movie, and then crucified him on a power pole.      

Christian Frogs and Morality:

One morning two little tree frogs awoke on a tree branch over a pond, to the sounds of a Bigmouth-Bass jumping and splashing in the water. Gorge the frog, said to Alvin the other frog: “isn’t that the same Bigmouth fish, which devoured your mom, dad and most of your brothers and sisters?” Alvin replied: “I think so…yes, that’s him, and he’s the same greedy fish who has been eating all of our friends too!” Gorge then thought out loud: “I wish that big ugly frog eating fish, would just roll over and just fucking die.” Alvin quickly said to Gorge: “you should never say anything like that about another one of God’s creations – God might get mad at you, and never let you into heaven.” Gorge replied: “FUCK GOD; if that big ugly frog eating fish was dead, this pond would be like your heaven – and besides that fact; I don’t believe in your fucking God, anyway!” Alvin then said to Gorge: “I just don’t understand, how any frog could live without Jesus, and with all of the dangers that we face each day in our daily lives – why would anyone not accept Jesus; and besides, every frog in my family is a Christian, including me - Jesus is who keeps me alive; and I pray to him every day, and me and my family, have never missed one single Sunday Church service, in over 30,000 generations of our family - all you have to do is accept Jesus, and you’ll be saved, and then if something does happen to you, you’ll go to heaven.” Gorge replied: “can you prove any of this bullshit that you’re saying – the only things that we both know for sure are, most of your stupid Christian family, has been eaten by birds and fish, including that big ugly one down there.” Alvin then said: “maybe, but I just know that they’re all waiting for me in heaven, and when I get there, we’ll all be together again.”

As the Bigmouth Bass floated on top of the pond quietly listening to the two frogs arguing; up came hoping Alvin’s little brother, Matt. Matt said to Alvin and Gorge: “praise the Lord, and good morning guys, are there any tasty flies up there?” Gorge replied: “no Matt and we can’t get over there to our favorite Lilly-pads either - there’s a big ugly fish down there in the water that wants to eat us.” All at once, Alvin got this crazed look on his face and said: “so you want proof Gorge, watch this – hey Matt, have you said your prayers yet today?” Matt replied: “of course, I do every day before leaving home.” Alvin then said: “Matt, little brother, do you believe Jesus will protect you from that fish, if you hop over there to the Lilly-pads – there some mighty good tasting flies over there little brother.” Matt replied: “ye, yep, yes I do; in the name of Jesus, that big old ugly fish won’t mess with me.” Then he hop’s into the water and onto a Lilly-pad and starts eating flies. Then the Bigmouth Bass, still observing, first looks at Matt, (his big mouth drooling) then he looks at Gorge and shakes his head, and then he dives under the water, and as he jumps out of the pond, he knocks poor little Matt into the air, and then eats him whole in the same jump.

Gorge then said to Alvin: “what the fuck, you stupid frog – what was your ignorant ass trying to do - see if the fish was hungry or not, you just got another one of your brothers killed -- Why don’t you really prove your Christian faith to me, and jump your silly ass into the water too!” Alvin then said to Gorge: “I’m not that stupid; I haven’t said my prayers yet today!”


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Important!! Urgent!! Warning from Jesus!! Prophecy:

This poor deluded kid in this video has some real serious mental health issues – he believes that “jesus” is talking to him, and at 5 am in the morning even – “jesus” awoke this little twerp at 5 am in the morning, just so he could rant to him, about just how disappointed he is that people here on earth, just don’t seem to appreciate all of that pain that he suffered for them, and that they don’t love him enough either (like one of those late night calls that you get from a drunk friend). And that they believe in the big bang? And all of that science stuff is simply from Satan? And “jesus,” didn’t even seem to care that the poor little twerp, needed his rest because he would be getting ready for church soon.

When I was this kid’s age, at 5 am in the morning, I would be fast asleep, and dreaming about the girls that I wanted to do – and if some fucking cosmic ghost had woke me up at 5 am, and talking that kind of deluded bullshit to me, I would have given him a real piece of my mind – and if this would had happened more than once, I would have sought psychiatric help, and with the quickness as well – one can only hope that this kid gets the help that he needs.

Jesus will be “returning” on May 21 2011 – Run for the hills!!!!

I have struggled for years, while trying to understand just why Christians are so obsessed with this paranoid notion of the end times, and why they look forward to the total destruction of the earth and mankind as we know it, and with such joy and glee. I was only a young child the first time when I heard one of these deluded and psychotic Christian morons, preaching that jesus will return on a date that he was given in some kind of dream or prophetic vision, and he would only reveal the date of jesus’ return, to those who sold everything that they owned, then gave him the money, so that he could build an underground bunker, somewhere in the side of a mountain, where they would all be safe from the earthquakes and the 900 foot tidal waves which would precede jesus’ second coming – I don’t know just how many of the people he had convinced of this total bullshit that night, although he had been traveling all around the country, and he had been preaching this bullshit in rented halls and churches for at least a few months, and he had quite a large following by the time he had made it to Seattle.

Omaha billboards herald Jesus' return in May

From the Washington Post:

OMAHA, Neb. -- A Christian group is proclaiming Jesus' return in billboards going up in Omaha and other U.S. cities for the holiday season.

Allison Warden, of We Can Know, says an analysis of Scripture shows Jesus will come on May 21. She says the billboards showing three wise men following the star of Bethlehem are meant to spur the public's interest in the Bible, not frighten anyone.

Warden says the billboards have gone up in Omaha and Nashville, Tenn. She says they're also going up in Atlanta, Bridgeport, Conn.; Detroit; Fort Wayne, Ind.; Kansas City, Mo.; Little Rock, Ark.; Louisville, Ky.; and St. Louis. They'll be up for December.

We Can Know offers resources to learn about the coming of Jesus and the end of days through its website, wecanknow.com.

This latest of Christian ignorance and delusion, took me back to the time when a local preacher had told his ignorant flock, that jesus would be returning that year, and on July 2ed – most of the little christ-tards that I knew back then, who were around my same age, (about 13 years of age, or so) were asking me if I was going to repent and accept jesus now that it was certain (per the word of this deluded-preacher) that jesus was coming back on the 2ed of July, and they told me if I didn’t repent and accept jesus, that I would burn in hell forever – I simply told them that the only thing that I would be burning that week in July would be fireworks – they all got mad as hell. They even said things like: “I hope the devil burns you real-good, and that you suffer more pain in hell, than the pain of all the other heathens combined.” – don’t you just love Christians?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sarah Palin tells ABC’s Barbara Walters that she can beat President Obama in 2012:

Oh, sure Palin, you can beat Obama in 2012 – and on the night of your presidential inauguration, a team of well trained monkeys will fly out of your ass, while they all hum “Hail to the Chief,” and after which, they’ll all surround you, and sing a chorus of “God bless America,” and all before returning back home  into your ass, Palin – you deluded fucking moron!

We won’t be seeing the “baby jesus” inside our State Capital building this year:

It almost seems like it was just yesterday, that Fox “News,” Bill O’reilly was crying and having a hissy-fit back in 2008, over the atheist display inside the Washington State Capital building. Alongside the holiday trees, Christmas trees, a Jewish menorah and a few others, was this display sponsored by The Freedom From Religion Foundation – a placard which simply read:

"At this season of the Winter Solstice may reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds."

The Christians called foul over the Governor, also allowing the atheist display, along with the Christian nativity scene, and the little “baby jesus” in the manger. The Christians cried persecution, and that the atheist sign was just another attack in the war on Christmas and Christians – some were even calling for the Governor’s (Christine Gregoire) head on a plate.

Holiday displays, which have including, displays of Santa and reindeer, are nothing new insofar as the types of stuff that has been allowed to be put on display, both inside and outside of the State Capital building. As far back as I can remember there were trees, Santa, snowmen and other types of holiday displays. Then in 2006 after a Christian (Ron Wesselius) sued the state after his request to display a nativity scene, including the little “virgin-born,” bastard “jesus” inside the Capital building was denied, the state then caved into this blatant violation of the separation between church and state, and as part of this legal settlement, then agreed to set aside certain areas within the Capital building for all types of holiday displays, including the religious ones.

From The Olympian:

But that policy produced a cacophony of displays in 2008. There was a placard from atheists mocking religion as myth and superstition, placards from religious groups poking fun at atheists, a large electric-lighted menorah and requests to put up a “Festivus pole” in honor of the mock holiday popularized by the “Seinfeld” sitcom. The controversial anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas also sought a display that said Santa would take people to hell, and another group critical of creationism wanted to depict a “Flying Spaghetti Monster” as the creator of the world.

The flood of requests prompted General Administration to declare a midholiday moratorium on displays in 2008. A policy was approved in 2009 that restricted private displays to the outdoors. The only displays that went up last year were a lighted menorah and a placard from Seattle atheists, both put up near the Tivoli fountain on the Capitol lawn; a menorah also was displayed briefly at Sylvester Park.

I believed at the time that the decision was made, in allowing this icon of delusion to be displayed inside the State Capitol building, it was a really bad idea to say the least, and a bad idea that would open up the floodgates for every other cult in the state, who wanted to convey any kind of religious messaged in a public forum.

Then after months of hearing local Christians complaining, and crying persecution over the State’s moratorium on restricting all private displays to the outdoors; I thought that this would put an end to this controversy once and for all. Then the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights president William Donohue sent a letter Oct. 27 to Gregoire announcing that he was sending a one-piece Nativity scene to her chief of staff; the State officials then flat out rejected the informal request to display it indoors, citing a policy that no longer allows nongovernment displays inside Capitol Campus buildings:

“Private exhibits and displays, such as a Nativity scene, are permitted only outside on the campus grounds, provided they meet certain conditions regarding time, place and manner,” Department of General Administration director Joyce Turner said in a letter this week to the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in New York City.

I am fairly confident both that Washington State’s Governor will not be making any new compromises on the state’s policy of restricting all private displays to the outdoors, and confident that those who carry this mind-virus, and who have little respect for the rights of others, won’t be going away anytime soon either. Personally, I’d like to see this moratorium extended to ban all religious icons from being displayed anywhere on government property – I personally find it sad, that in the year 2010, we still have silly and ignorant people believing that a cosmic ghost fathered a baby, who was born of a virgin; when in fact, this whole silly story of Christmas and “jesus,” were both stolen from the many Pagan stories in which the sun-god, dies on the cross (in the constellation of the Cruz) on December 21, remains dead for 3 days, (pauses in the sky for 3 days) and then on December 25, starts its way back north, eventually bringing Spring, longer days, and new life (yes, the sun is the truth, the way and the light - and the giver of all life on this planet).

Grow the fuck up, Christians!

Happy season of the Winter Solstice everyone!

Friday, October 29, 2010

My dog from “hell”

                This photo is not a photo of the actual dog in my post, I found this photo on the net.  

I have known for several months now that our children had purchased a Basset Hound puppy for their mom; however, I only found out why they had given her the puppy a few days ago. Years ago, I bought her a Jack Russell Terrier pup. When she had seen this pup in the pet store, and she simply fell in love with this dog. So I paid for him, and we took him home. For the first few days, he wouldn’t even get out of his box, other than to use the news paper to do his thing (I thought, what a smart dog, he’s already well on his way to being house trained). He cried for almost a week, I guessed that he missed his brothers and sisters back at the pet store. At first this dog was very antisocial to say the least – then one night he walked into the living room, went over to our son, wagging his tail, and acting like that they were long lost friends, who hadn’t seen each other in years. Our son, ten years old at the time, instantly falling in love with this cute little pup (I guess it was all of the doggie kisses).

This dog didn’t even have to be house trained; he would just go to the door and bark when he needed to go. I noticed that this dog had began developing a different manor of behavior with all of us, he knew which one of our children was the most likely to play fetch the ball with him, and which one was likely to give him a treat – I had a few lap-dogs in the past; however, none of them demanded all of the attention that this dog was demanding.

Then at about 10 months of age, this dog went nuts. Whenever we we’re all at home together, this dog became the center of attention – this was the most hyper dog that I had ever seen; and he always had something to bark about – our children found this cute at first, but it soon got old. When the kids left home for school, he would stand at the window next to door, jump into the air and bark. He would do this most of the day until the children returned home, then the first thing that he would do was come running with his ball- he would even nip at them to get their attention – this dog simply loved to play – he had went from being a family dog, to a dog simply having a family to terrorize. As he got older, he began to mellow out somewhat as well – at about age 7, he was only about half as bad.

When our children had told me that they were getting their mom another Jack Russell pup; I told them that I didn’t believe that their mom would be very happy about that. So we start talking about other kinds of lap-dog breeds – I told them about a friend’s beagles and how nutty that they were, and about my friends basset hound and how she’s the coolest house dog that I have ever met; so they decided on a Basset Hound pup – she instantly fell in love with her new pup

Then a few days ago, my son who lives part of the year out of the country, in an apartment that he shares with his brother, told me that their mom had started coming over to visit them. Sometimes spending at least a week out of every month – she thought that they were getting to thin, so she started cooking and cleaning for them, my son said, this was very embarrassing when his girlfriend would come over, and his mom would be folding his underwear - he said his mom was ruining his sex life as well – so they got her the puppy in hopes that she might just get the message, that their not ten anymore - I just thought that this was kind of funny.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The fall of the middle class and the corporate takeover of our democracy:

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about an argument that I had over the Vietnam War with a Christian friend of mine back in the mid 1980s. At the core of this argument, was whether or not the military arms manufactures, and the military contractors, were in fact highly influential in the decisions that our government made early on in this conflict, and in the subsequent escalation of the war - and if the real reasons for our involvement in this conflict, were primarily about military contracts and profit making (war profiteering).

Our debate centered on whether or not our government would lead us into a war, and would allow US citizens to be placed in harm’s way, based on nothing more than a lie. My friend found the idea so appalling that our democracy could be hijacked in such a way that tens of thousands of our citizens had died, simply so the big corporations could rape our nation, and raid our tax dollars. He said that our government could never be that evil, not in a million years. I contended that these were in fact the reasons for our involvement in the war; and that the main reasons why we were not still fighting this pointless conflict, was because of the strong middleclass that we had at the time – and that was now the main reasons that the puppet masters of his hero (Ronald Reagan) had now shifted their war efforts on the middleclass.

In the times when we have had a strong middleclass, our leaders were directed and driven by the will of the electorate, and not by the interests of the big corporations. Back in the 1970s, the wages were good, and the cost of living was fairly low, and our citizens had more time for both leisure and to express their dissatisfaction with the direction that the nation was headed back then. I argued that if it had not been for the involvement of the hordes of middleclass, who were defiantly protesting this unjust war, and demanding the withdrawal of our military personal; that this conflict would have never ended.

I never could get my Christian friend to understand back then, the direction that our nation was headed; he was only concerned with the shortsighted rightwing agendas like ending abortion and becoming a Christian nation. I argued that these religious issues were simply being used as a ploy by those with their sights set on a complete corporate government takeover, and in doing this, by undermining the middleclass – I argued that if the ignorant Christian-sheep in this nation, didn’t open up their eyes and start seeing just where they were being lead and why, that someday they would wake-up, and everything about this nation which makes this nation the greatest nation on this planet, would all be gone, and gone along with their freedoms and their jobs, and the only thing that we would be producing as a nation, would be wars – and without a strong middleclass, and the checks and balance – we would all find ourselves at the will of the big corporations and their elected cronies.

For years, I pleaded with this moron to open up his eyes, and stop subscribing to the pipedream of a Christian nation that his rightwing heroes were playing to him – I told him, that as these evil motherfuckers came closer to archiving their goals, that they’ll orphan all of your silly Christian asses as well.

Today this guy is homeless – years ago, before he lost his job, his preacher convinced him to refinance his moorage, and pull out the equity, and then donate it to the church – he then lost his home to foreclosure – this was the same preacher who convinced him to vote for Ronald Reagan – he now blames Obama for all of his troubles.

You may not agree with my opinions, about how and why we arrived at where we are today – but the fact is, we’re here. And are we now past the point of no return. And is the split that we are now seeing within the Republican Party over the Tea Party, simply caused by the fact that our democracy is now just for sale to the highest bidder, and for sale, indifferent to which party that they choose to deal with – have the big corporations simply orphaned their base?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Tea Party Christian so bat-shit crazy, that the nutters on the far right won’t even support her:

From The Washington Times;

You won't find her mentioned on the D.C. Republican website, but activist Missy Reilly Smith constitutes a kind of one-woman "tea party" movement in the liberal bastion that is the nation's capital.

The staunch pro-lifer, running a long-shot campaign against longtime Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat, is trying to wake up the city's lethargic GOP and push the abortion issue to the front of the party's agenda with new, graphic ads airing this week.

The D.C. Republican Party does not support Mrs. Smith's campaign, and local party leaders asked her not to run. In an interview, she said they told her, "You never will be able to win."

Mrs. Smith, who worked in real estate sales and ran an anti-abortion advocacy group, is challenging a popular liberal incumbent who has defeated all comers since 1990. In 2008, for example, Mrs. Norton faced no Republican challenger and won more than 92 percent of the vote in the general election.

Mrs. Smith acknowledged a steep uphill climb, with only an estimated 30,000 registered Republicans in the city versus more than 336,000 registered Democrats. But she said the District's Republicans "blew me off" because of her conservative platform, not the voter registration numbers.

Mrs. Smith said her critics have miscast her as a one-issue candidate because of her uncompromising stands against abortion, which she called "murder," and homosexuality, which she called an "abomination." Fellow Republicans are simply refusing to pay heed to America's Judeo-Christian morals and "Republican principles," she said.

Mrs. Smith's platform rests on many of the issues highlighted by the tea party movement — limited government, support for the military, school vouchers and "pro-family" values.

While embraced by tea party enthusiasts across the country in growing numbers, those positions run contrary to the platforms of many D.C. GOP and Democratic candidates alike.

Mrs. Norton and most of the Republicans running in the Nov. 2 general election support gay rights. Mrs. Norton also is pro-choice and opposes gun rights and federal funding of the city's school voucher program.

Republican D.C. Council candidate Tim Day said the District's electoral landscape has to be prepared before conservatives can take on such hot-button issues as abortion

Ok, my asshole bleeds for this moron – she claims that those evil child killing people, the ones who act just like used car salesman – the ones who just won’t let you back out of the door unless you buy something, in her case, they sold her two abortions.

She said that they told her that she was not killing a baby; (and I agree that she was not killing a baby) however, how can anyone be that na├»ve and ignorant, she must have not wanted to have a child at the time, and then she sought to have the abortions – so just what in the fuck did she think that she was carrying around in her gut?

Yes, if you kill your fetus, you won’t have a baby, but isn’t that the point of having an abortion in the first place. Now this guilt riddled crazy bitch, wants to take away the rights of every other women to make the same choice that she made – I’d say it would be a safe bet that most other woman who seek an abortion, know that they’re killing the fetus in their gut. This woman is a shining example of the need for children to have comprehensive sex-education at a young age in our public schools. I’ve met Christians who even in their 20’s still didn’t know where babies come from.

An open letter to my Christian friend:

I had one of the weirdest things happen the other day, I had this Christian get in my face and start telling me just how wrong I am about religion, including “jesus.” I don’t remember even talking with this guy before, other than maybe saying hello, or something like that. He told me that I need to stop saying things like: “a ghost raped a girl and made jesus.” He also told me that I better start reading the bible before its too late. He went on and on – about the time when I was about to give this Christian a real piece of my mind, I realized that he must have been reading my blog – I only talk about religious issues with my atheist friends.

So look here Christian, you don’t know anything about me. First, I have written hundreds of stories and posted them on my WEB site back in the 90s, and back then, I used to get more shit from atheists, than I would get from Christians, and over my defense of people’s rights to practice whatever religion that they choose - as a progressive and an atheist, if your religious rights and freedoms come under attack, I’ll be right there with you in the trenches, and fighting with you, not against you. And you wrongly stated that I hate Christians, I don’t! My attitude about what I write, did in fact change after I was in a situation back in 2002 – I was in a drug treatment program, and trying to get my life back on track; while an ignorant fucking Christian moron, was trying to convert me to Christianity, so he could then claim me, as some kind of fucking prize – and after I had exposed what had happened to me, these ignorant fucking morons went on a campaign of hate against me and my friends. These sick fucking morons, were trying to destroy me, and my family, and as a consequence, I still haven’t moved back home with my family; I thought it would be better that I limit the time that I spent with my family, rather than to bring this bullshit home to them – if this had happened to you Mr. Christian, you would be a little pissed off too.

I started blogging as a way to help me recover from all the persecution from these ignorant fucking Christians, and to help me recover my writing skills - and I lost them, along with most of my other memories back in 2000 – today I believe my memory, is about 80% recovered, and I am reading and writing at about 65% of where I was back in the 1990s – so I would guess that it’s working. And Mr. Christian, if you want to know the truth about all of the fucking lies that those ignorant folks have told you about me, simply ask me.

And no, I’m not going to “tone down” the way I write, if you don’t like what you read here, no one’s asking you to come here in the first place – and talk to me yourself, and stop believing all that stuff that my ignorant Christian fan-club is telling you, (pack of fucking liars) and come back and talk to me, my friend.

I was just wondering if anything like this has ever happened to you, and how would you handle something like this, if this happened to you?

Monday, October 18, 2010

My confusion over the proper way of eating jesus:

I had been hearing about this religious knowledge test conducted by PEW for at least two weeks now. The results simply confirmed what I have always known – Christians and most other religious people, don’t know jack-shit about religion, including their own. Most have never even read their own “holy-books,” or have done any type of real research. As someone who has read the bible from cover to cover at least twice, and studied religion and mythology for about 5 years in my teens, I have always wondered just how any half-way intelligent person could read the whole bible, and still walk away believing such utter nonsense. The story of Christ is simply stolen from the stories of the dozens of other solar messiah’s, and all of which, predate Christianity, and some by 1000’s of years. I thought, why should I even waste my time with this test, I thought that I would just ace the test anyway - so why even bother looking for the URL.

Then I was over at Krissthesexyatheist’s blog, and I found the first working link – so before reading his post any further, I clicked on the link. I started taking the test; there are 15 questions, and as I was answering the last one, I realized that I had fucked up on 14. “Which of these religions aims at nirvana, the state of being free from suffering?” well I can blame that one on my dyslexia – I knew the answer was Buddhism; however, I had clicked on Hinduism, I thought, what the hell, I’ll still get 14 out of 15 right anyway. Then the next page which gives you, your score read: “You answered 13 out of 15 questions correctly
for a score of 87%.”

I thought, WTF, I missed 6 too? 6. “Which of the following best describes the Catholic teaching about the bread and wine used for Communion?” I thought, how in the hell did I get that one wrong; I have always thought that eating and drinking zombie-jesus, was just a symbolic ritual derived from the “last supper” story. So I had given this answer: “The bread and wine are symbols of the body and blood of Jesus Christ.” – Wrong answer? WTF – the correct answer is: “The bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Jesus Christ.” I thought to myself: and all of this time that I have been thinking that they were just symbolically eating on jesus, and drinking his blood – when in fact, these sick and deluded folks have actually been gorging themselves on this dead-zombie-jesus – what a sick fucking lot of vampires and fucking cannibals. I have always known that the Catholics loved themselves some jesus; but I never even thought that they were this fucking sick – I guess as long as we don’t close our minds, we can learn something new every day?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something is just a little fishy up here in Seattle:

I get a kick, every time I read this sign; this sign has been on the wall of Ivar’s fish-bar, ever since that I can remember. When I was about 10 years of age, I ask a lady who was working at the bar just why the 3 cup limit. She said: “it makes guys horny, you guys should try some.” In hindsight, I wonder just what was wrong with her – we were only 10 at the time?

I really don’t know why people believe such silly nonsense, but some folks do in fact believe that this stuff improves sex; and they sell gallons of the stuff.

If you love eating fish, and you are in Seattle, this place is a must visit. The fish is simply the best!

Meet my higher power sheep (sheep’s-us)

                                                   Meet my higher-power stuffed sheep.

                                            Meet my higher-power stuffed-sheep’s ass.

Okay, I’m not a stuffed-sheep theist per se, nor do I worship a stuffed sheep’s-ass, so let me explain – about 3 years ago, after a night of binge-drinking (two bottles of cheep cabernet sauvignon) the next morning, I went to a Safeway store to get some food for breakfast. This was just one of those mornings, when I just couldn’t decide, just what I wanted to eat for breakfast – bacon and eggs? Or some veggies and fruit -- I just couldn’t decide; so I just bought both – and somewhere in that drunken haze, I had placed this stuffed sheep in my shopping-cart, along with two more bottles of cabernet.

When I returned home, I simply decided to drink my breakfast, and then I guess passed out. I awoke to find this sheep looking at me, and with those cold black eyes, which seemed to follow me all over the room. This gave me one hell of a fright. I didn’t even remember buying the stupid thing. I found this sheep so menacing, that I shoved him head first into a shelf – and that’s when it hit me – he can be my higher-power sheep, and remind me, not to drink so much. As a joke, I thought, people pray to “jesus,“ that’s about the same as praying to a stuffed sheep’s-ass – so I named him sheep-us. I started praying to sheep-us (my higher-power stuffed sheep’s-ass) for all kinds of things. When I would pull some money out of my pocket, and buy lottery tickets, I would say: “in the name of sheep’s-ass, I going to win some money,” and I would win – me and my sheep’s-ass, had a real hot streak going on for awhile.

Then awhile back, I was eating dinner at a bar, and there was a guy sitting at the bar playing the pull-tabs. This guy must have had about 300 dollars worth of them in front of him – he was trying to win a 500 dollar one, there was only one of them in the bin. I pulled out a 10, and said: “in the name of my higher-power stuffed sheep’s-ass, I’m going to win that 500 dollar pull-tab.” I opened the first one, it was one dollar, the next one was nothing, and the next one had 500 with a line though it. I set it back in the basket, and picked up my sandwich again, and went back to eating. This guy must have read my face or something; he looked at me and said: “you son of a bitch, you have it, don’t you.” At that point I said out loud: “praise the Lard, and pass the tequila” – boy was that guy pissed. I won over 800 dollars that night, and the next day, I bought myself a new laptop computer.

Now, I know that my sheep had little to do with the fact that I won. But if that had been a Christian, and said: “in the name of jesus,“and then won that 500 dollars, there would be no way of convincing them otherwise.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

How do we as atheist deal with life’s problems without God(s):

I was having a tough time over the past few days. This was in part because I learned 3 or 4 months ago that one of my children had joined an outreach organization as a volunteer. This organization helps provide food and medicine to poor people living in places like Africa and in other 3 world nations. As his mom was telling me this story, I started wondering why he didn’t tell me about this himself when I had seen him this past summer; then his mom tells me; Oh by the way, he’s been taking flying lessons in both airplanes and helicopters – apparently this aid organization uses aircraft to reach poor people in remote locations. News of this took me back to all of the stress that a close friend and I was having when his son that’s in the Air force, was learning how to take off and land jets on aircraft carriers – I mean, he wouldn’t even answer his cell phone when it rang, he would let it go to voicemail, and then call and get his messages; his son did in fact survive all of his training, but man, was this ever a stressful time for the both of us – I love his son, just like if he was my own.

In my sons case, I started thinking about the day, when I awoke to the sounds of kids screaming, and then looked out of the window, only to see that my little heathens had built an 8 foot ramp, to jump an old bike into the air, then grab a rope, and swing over to the pool, and then drop into the pool – our kids could be very creative in finding ways in keeping both their mom and me, on pins and needles. When I asked these guys just what in the hell that they thought that they were doing, they said: “this is fun, you should try it dad!” I think for awhile back then, they must have thought that they were part monkey or something.

Then this past week, I learned that the father of this Air Force pilot, who is a Firefighter, was injured when a wall of a burning building fell on him. This guy has been my friend for way over 30 years, and I love him just like a brother. At first I became mad at him, because he’s also been a Firefighter for more than 30 years, and he should have known better than to be standing next to a wall of a burning building – then I discovered that he had walked over to the wall, to warn a rookie Firefighter that he was standing to close to the wall, then the wall fell on him; he probably saved the life of the rookie Firefighter.

I guess that I just don’t handle the stress to well, when it comes to the health and safety of my children and my friends – I spent the past few days thinking about just how wonderful it must be for Christians, who pray to “god” and “jesus” and ask “them” to protect their loved ones and their children; however, to me that’s just the same as doing nothing.

It has taken me a few days to get over this dread that I’ve been feeling over what has happened to my friend, and what my son is doing (the flying thing). I awoke this morning feeling pride over what my friend did at the fire, and what my son is doing so that he can help people in need – I’m sure that he remembers when he was growing up, his mom and I going to the 7/11 and buying money orders, and sending them to those organizations who claimed to be helping the poor in those poor nations like Africa; and I am so proud of him for taking a more hands on approach. But I’m still having an issue with the flying thing – I guess that I just can’t let go of the fact that he’s not a baby anymore.

I’ve been like this for most of my life – how do you as atheist deal with issues like these, just writing this post has made me feel a little better about this – how do you deal with the stresses like this in life – the Christians simply have their god(s) to pass them off too. What do you do in situations like these?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My movie review, “Camp Hell:”

I just finished watching the movie “Camp Hell,” this movie took me back to the night when an old fishing buddy and I, were on an overnight fishing trip with our children. My friend and I were telling the children “ghost” stories. I have always found it most interesting that when you raise children without religious superstition and ignorance, just how that they have little to no fear of the supernatural either. And despite the fact that our children, except for two, were all still preteen; most of our children found most of the stories interesting, but not so scary. In fact, the older ones had gotten so bored that they simply went back to playing with their handheld video games. At that point, my friend began telling the story of his experience at a Catholic summer-camp, that he had when he was in his early teens. He said that the first day that he had arrived, that the priests started talking to them about sex and masturbation – and how sinful masturbation was. The priests told them that “god” sees everything that they do, including masturbating, and if they happened to die after masturbating, and if they happen to die before they were able to “confess” this horrible “sin” of masturbating, that they would be sent to “purgatory,” where they would then suffer great pain in cleansing them of this “sin,” before they could then continue on their way to “heaven.” He then went on to tell us how the priests had privately told most of the other campers, that it was ok with “god,” for them to have sex with priests – and after he had this private conservation with one of the priests, who then started fondling him – he said he told the priest that if he didn’t stop touching him, that neither of them would be “happy campers.” He said that he had his dad pick him up at the camp, the next day; however, his dad never believed him about the priests.

Two of my children found his story so frightful, that they both had nightmares that evening.

I found the movie Hell Camp both interesting and entertaining for the most part, and slightly better than most other B-movies of this type – however, it gives a good look into the mindset of these ignorant priests, and into one of the ways in which they use fear in controlling child behavior, and how they can so easily victimizing a child as well – however, none of the children are raped in this movie.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Little kids, say some of the darndest things:

I happened upon this video on You Tub while searching the Jesus-camp ones – the child in this video could as well be the poster-child for Christian lunacy. What I found most interesting is that the boy makes this statement over and over: “God loves the little children,” as he proselytizes outside of an abortion clinic. Yes, “God” loves the children, and he loves them to death even – yes, that deluded and evil fucking old ghost in the bible, loved the children so much, that “he” killed everyone alive on the earth in a massive flood, including all of the little children. And today he loves the little children so much, that he allows 100’s of them to be ass-raped by priests each day, and 1000’s more to die of starvation each and every day.

I don’t know about you – but as an atheist; I’m sure as “hell” happy, that the evil fucking ghost doesn’t love me!