Monday, March 9, 2009

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: And Christian Ignorance

I’ve been following the reactions of the rightwing Christian asshole’s who are now calling President, Barack Hussein Obama, a baby and child killer; over his decision to restore federal funding of stem cell research…..

Christian Newswire: WASHINGTON, Mar. 9 -- In a time when America is spiraling down into an abyss of debt, joblessness and economic turmoil President Barack Hussein Obama has been putting a great deal of his time into a big push to kill as many children as possible.

Obama has been President for less than two months and in that time he has overturned the
Mexico City policy which means American tax dollars will be used to pay for foreign abortions.

He has also been working relentlessly to force physicians to either kill "unwanted children" or refer their patients to other baby killers.

His latest effort is to ensure that even more children are killed by removing the ban from
embryonic stem cell experiments. To date, current research on embryonic stem cells has resulted in no promising results. Our President is a learned man -- he knows this fact.

He also knows that
adult stem cells have proven to be extremely successful in finding cures to various ills. We all applaud the use of adult stem cells! Using adult stem cells is perfectly ethical -- no one has to die and no one should. Yet, Barack Obama is persistent and deliberate in his actions to continue the killing of babies.

One must ask: Why?

Why would anyone be so bent on helping to grow industries that include gruesome dismembering and experimentation on other
human beings?

We are well aware that abortion and
embryonic stem cell supporters lined the silk campaign pockets of our new President along the campaign trail, so it stands to reason that pay back is a core motive for adamantly supporting the killing of these very small children.

My hope is that President Barack Obama will see
embryonic stem cell research for the monster it really is.

Using human beings as guinea pigs is the type of experimentation that was horrifically wrong when Hitler's
Mengele did it and it is equally wrong for "America's Mengeles".

The first step in the process of 'in vitro fertilization' is the harvesting of the woman's eggs (usually two dozen or so). The next step in the laboratory, the identified eggs are stripped of surrounding cells and prepared for fertilization and then frozen. Some of the fertilized eggs are then implanted in the walls of her uterus, if the pregnancy is successful, then, the remaining frozen eggs; if unwanted by the woman, are discarded: (is this murder as well?)

What remains frozen in those test tubs is by no stretch, a human life. It’s just the first stage of an embryo; a blastisis (a few dozen cells at best). Yes, and some do have the potential to become a human life, but at that stage, one can’t even be seen, with the naked eye.

Stem cell research, offers the best hope we have in finding cures for a whole host of medical conditions: including diabetes, heart attack, the improved movement in spinal cord injury patients and more.

It saddens me to see, these ignorant fucking Christian morons are more concerned about the ethical treatment of medical waste and byproducts. Then, in the finding of new ways, that will actual help real human beings. I think if they’re this fucking concerned about this issue. Then they should all volunteer too, each host one or more of these unwanted frozen embryos, bring them to term, and raise it as their fucking own, (the men included). And if they’re not willing to do that, then just shut the fuck up, and stop being the voice of ignorance, while trying to be the voice of fucking morality!!!