Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Evolution gets Humped (violently)

TotemX is an extremely talented artist. This one is my second most favorite, my favorite is the miracle of birth.

This is your brain on creationism:

I grew up constantly hearing about the “good news,” and about just how loving and wonderful their “god” was, and just how wonderful all of “god’s” “creations” were. I had heard that god had “created” the universe and the earth, and all within 6 days, simply by speaking; and I had heard that everything which “god” had created, had a purpose and a reason, and that “god” had seen all of his work as being good, great even -- everything was a part of “god’s” plan, or so I was told.

Then one day when a friend and I, were watching one of those Sunday Christian nature shows on television about fish, a little fish who used a spot on their fins (the red drum fish) that looked like an eye, to fool the bigger fish who were trying to eat them into believing that their fin was actually their head, and then when the bigger fish tries to attacks the smaller fish’s fin, the smaller fish simply laughs, and says: “I fooled you, you big stupid fish,” and then the little fish swims away (okay, this was of those Sunday morning Christian TV shows for young children – we were both about 10 or 11 years of age at the time).

The narrator went on to say that “god” had “created” this little fish and gave the fish the spot on its fin, so that the fish could use its little gift to escape from larger predators – and just like “god” had given humans legs so we could run away from danger (god had designed this fish, and his fin). Both this kid and his grandmother exclaimed: “wow, god is so smart, and “he’s” so great – what man could have ever thought of doing that?”

Even at the young age of ten, I had already totally dismissed the biblical story of “creation,” and the story of the “great flood,” and the story of the” virgin-born” “savior” as being totally contrived bullshit. However, I hadn’t yet, totally dismissed the notion that some other “god-like” being might exist, but I found this fish story, was just a little too fishy for me to believe – but for most noncritical “thinking” Christians, “god” did it was the only true answer – and then if one would question “god’s” handy little fish work, then they ask: “if god didn’t do it, then who did?” And even at age ten, I found this “then who did it" question, was the wrong question to be asking, the more logical question would be what caused this fish to have this spot in the first place, and why? However, most devout Christians believe that questioning any of “god’s” “infallible” “word” is a “sin,” and a “sin” that will earn you a one-way trip to “hell” (you wouldn’t believe how many times that I was told that I would be burning in “hell,” and simply for questioning the deluded bullshit that is written in the bible).

This fishy situation was one of the things that drove my interests in science. I wanted to learn just how this fish had gotten this spot, and understand why – and what was the big deal about a fish having a spot on its fin in the first place – and not simply believe that some fucking “god’ did it. It would take me a few more years before I fully understood why this fish has this spot, and the answers were even simpler than “god did it.’ The spot on this fish’s fin is simply the result of a gene mutation that happened in one its ancestors eons ago. This gene mutation was then passed on to its offspring and then passed on to their offspring and so on. And because this spot fooled so many of this spotted fish’s predators, more of the spotted fish were able to live to maturity, and then pass on the spot causing gene; the populations of spotted fish, then exploded – while the populations of none spotted fish declined (the spot is simply a favorable mutation - natural selection, and the survival of the fittest, or the survival of the trickiest at work, and not the work of some “god”). Is this fish even aware of the functionality of the spot on its fin? Hell no, its not, it’s just a hell of a lot easier escaping from an attack from the rear, than one from the front!

How do I know that this is a better explanation than “god did it,” because its backed up by years and years of research and countless observations – in the end, I had learned more about fish than I had even wanted to know.

There is a big difference between telling children how and what to believe, and teaching them how to learn and understand. But thinking is not held as a big asset within religion; questioning god’s word is seen as being rebellious and as an evil sin – and to some teaching evolution is one of the greatest sins of them all. They fear that children will actually start thinking for themselves, and start realizing that all of that deluded bible bullshit that has been forced upon them every since birth through fear, has all just been simply a pack of deluded lies – this is why child indoctrination is so important to the survival of the Christian-cult – just let them walk up to a well educated Japanese teen, and start spewing that deluded Christian bullshit at them (the 6,000 year old earth, dirt-man and rib-woman, the virgin-born savior…,etc…. and they’ll be in for a rude fucking awakening).

It’s one thing if someone wants to remain enslaved through fear to silly old deluded myths and silly superstitions, but it’s quite another when they try to get our government to force their deluded and asinine bullshit on others – and today, that’s just what some of these deluded morons are trying to do:

From Mother Jones:

State governments are grappling with massive budget deficits, overburdened social programs, and mountains of deferred spending. But never mind all that. For some conservative lawmakers, it's the perfect time to legislate the promotion of creationism in the classroom. In the first three months of 2011, nine creationism-related bills have been introduced in seven states—that's more than in any year in recent memory:

3. Florida

Legislation: SB 1854 would amend Florida law to require a "thorough presentation and critical analysis of the scientific theory of evolution." In 2009, Florida state Sen. Stephen Wise, the bill's sponsor, rhetorically asked a Tampa radio host: "Why do we still have apes if we came from them?"

I guess that it doesn’t matter to these deluded idiots and morons, that creationism has already been ruled as a religion by a federal court judge, and that it has no place in our public schools?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pastor Accused of Denying Communion to Churchgoers Who Didn't Give Tax Refunds

This is just one of those things which make my head spin – after the pastor in this video is accused of taking jesus off of the lunch menu, after most of his sheep sat quietly after he asks them for their tax refund checks – he then does what I have always seen most Christians do when they’re stuck in a corner – they simply try to spin the whole thing around, and then they start lying:

Having grown up myself in a neighborhood, which had one of these small churches on almost every street corner, I can sort of understand where the pastor is coming from – where does his sheep think that all of that cheap wine and crackers come from, where do they think that the money to pay the bills comes from? If someone belongs to a house of delusion, then they should support the house as well. However, anyone who would attend a church where the pastor starts calling folks “devils” and “demons,” (cheap tight-ass heathens would have been more appropriate, you think) deserve whatever they get, and likewise for the “pastor”?      

What caused the earthquake and tsunami in Japan? It wasn’t your “God,” you fucking morons:

Our earth is very unique from all of the other planets in our solar system, and not just because it’s the only planet in the solar system which is known to support life. It’s unique because most of its core is comprised of extremely heavy elements that were forged within massive stars eons ago. These heavy elements, as well as the lighter elements, were all ejected into space after the former stars had died in massive explosions. One of the other things that make our earth unique, are that soon after the earth was formed, a large object (possibly another planet) collided with the earth and penetrated the earth right down to its core, which then ejecting about 1/3 of the total mass of the earth into outer space – this is believed to be how our moon was formed.

From its very beginning, the earth was a molten lifeless planet floating in space – for millions upon millions of years as the earth cooled somewhat, and as the earth was forming its outer crust, it was also being constantly bombarded with objects from space including asteroids and meteorites – it is believed that most of the water here on earth, was delivered via these impacts. From the very beginning, the earth has been a very violent and chaotic place for life to exist – we live on an ever changing planet; we live on the surface of a living planet floating on top of a sea of molten matter - one might say that the earth is simply a big furnace powered  by the radioactive decay of the recycled star matter from which the earth was formed. Our earth has been shaped and reshaped many times over the eons by these same forces, and these same forces will continue to change the earth for at least the next few billion years, until the time when our sun begins running out of fuel and starts expanding, at which time it will engulf the inner planets, including the earth (this might come as a comforting thought to some of us to know that some of the atoms, which comprise our own bodies today, may help fuel a future star – or that our atoms might even become a part of some other living creature someday in the future as well).

These same forces that have shaped our world as we see it today; are the same Forces which have driven the evolution of all life here on our planet. And life only exists today because we are currently living in a period of relative calm on an otherwise very violent and chaotic planet. The fact is that everything within the whole universe is constantly moving and changing – everything is headed somewhere, and nothing stays the same; everything is in constant motion; and the earth is simply a microcosm of the universe as a whole. Relevant to our own geological time, it’s easy for some of us to conceive, that everything within reality was made just for us, when in reality, we only exist as a consequence of our current geological time, and the fact that we haven’t had any major extinction level events since the last one which occurred 65 million years ago, that killed off the dinosaurs; although there have been many minor such events, and some of these events have even been catastrophic.

These same forces of nature which keeps everything in motion here on earth, including all of the continents (via continental drift) are the same forces that cause the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – again, everything in the universe is in constant motion and going somewhere, with the exception of religion – for years, I have compared the beliefs of all three of the major religions, with those of the beliefs of the volcano theists, and anyone who believes that their "god" caused the recent earthquake in Japan, and killed tens of thousands people, and simply to show all of us none believers, just who is in charge – those sick, ignorant and deluded people, need to be institutionalized and treated for their mental illness – they are the ones who elect these same sick and deluded leaders, who believe that everything that happens here on earth, is the plan of some "god," and we are all simply along for the ride until "jesus" "returns." The Japanese leaders knew full well, that Japan is located in one of the most seismically active zones on the planet – and despite knowing this fact; they decided to roll the dice and build nuclear reactors anyway. If we can only learn one thing from these tragic events unfolding today in Japan, I hope that we will learn that we are impart in control of our own destiny, and if we don’t change this ignorant mindset that some "god" placed us all here on earth, simply to test our worthiness as ignorant and mindless sheep, and if we don’t start speaking out in opposition when our allies engage in such reckless activities as building nuclear reactors in these types of unstable areas – and if we don’t stop dictating our environmental policies based on a book of old deluded fairy tales, (god made a promise to an 800 year old man; so it’s Ok to keep pumping carbon into the atmosphere, and finding other ways of fucking up the planet because “jesus” will return soon, so it won’t matter anyway) then the only place where we will all be headed is to “hell” in a fucking hand basket!

Worshiping a god, who you believe causes earthquakes, is just as stupid and ignorant as volcano-theism.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

When the superstitious start seeing signs in nature:

Whenever a natural disaster occurs, or any other type of disaster occurs – anything that happens, which involves the pain suffering and deaths of people, the one thing that you can always count on is Christian lunacy. Over the years, I have become sort of a junky for the ignorant rants from those like Pat Robertson, and the other deluded idiots and ignorant morons. And after the death of Jerry Falwel, I’ve been finding it harder and harder, to find my fix – it’s sad enough when bad shit happens, but it even makes the event sadder, when some deluded moron proclaims that "god" had caused an earthquake which killed people, simply because Muslim woman are showing too much skin in public (showing both eyes, instead of just one), or he starts killing people, simply to remind them to love each other???

Meet Gordon Robertson, the son of Pat Robertson. After the devastating earthquake hit Japan; Gordon Robertson proclaimed live during a Regent University preview session after a New Jersey audience member had asked him, whether the frequency of earthquakes were a sign of the End Times and if so, what he should do?

From God discussion:

"Well, we should be looking because our redemption draws nigh," Robertson replied. "In all the warnings of the End Times, earthquakes are just one of them and Jesus likened it to birth pangs. The earth is literally giving birth to the coming Messiah. I would expect we will see more. We've seen devastation in Christchurch in New Zealand. This magnitude was literally beyond imagining, what's happened just today in Japan. So we'll see more of that."

Robertson told another listener who was worried about politics to vote to create change. He also encouraged Christians to be part of the candidate selection process.

When asked about fiscal conservatism, he remarked that Social Security and Medicaid were the biggest components of the deficit and thought that the retirement age should be extended a couple of years for Social Security.

This goes without question, that the old saying is in fact true: “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

I have always thought biggest components of the deficit, were the two wars that Bush had been funding off of the books, and the tax cuts for the rich?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Is there a gene for stupidity?

Can someone believe that a cosmic ghost, impregnated a young virgin girl with his son (or impregnated the young girl with himself, depending on which brand of this deluded story that one subscribes), and still be logical and reasonable in other facets of their lives?

I first asked this question in an article that I posted back in the 1990s, after reading a story about a child who had died, because their Christian parents had placed their faith in “jesus,” instead of seeking medical care for their sick child – and after seeing the interview of the parents, and seeing just how ignorant and deluded that they were, I also wrote in the same article, that I wouldn’t even expect that people who live that far from reality, to be logical and reasonable, in any other facets of their lives either.

It only took about 15 minutes after I had posted the article, before the death threats started pouring into my website, along with the comments from many other Christians, proclaiming that not all Christians are as stupid as those Christian parents, in the case of their sick child. I believed at the time, that most of these Christian readers, simply had thought that I was making these statements about all Christians in general – and I was not; and I had even posted another article, further explaining my position, and where I was coming from with my post, and asking them, why they were just attacking me, and not even addressing the real issue of my post – and then the subject of most of the comments changed. Most started defending the parent’s rights to do whatever they thought was best for their child, and that it was none of my fucking business, how Christian parents raise their children.

The main point of my second post on this subject, was the question why is it that most Christians, are so unwilling to criticize any behavior which is labeled as being Christian, and even when that behavior, results in the death of a child. Some of these folks, even tried to convince me, that the child’s death had nothing to do with the actions of the parents, or that it was simply the will of “god” (I wondered why they would believe that a “god,” would want a child to be born, just so they can develop diabetes, and then die because the parents refused medical treatment for the child – that’s god’s will – WTF!!!). I had even started wondering, if I had somehow failed to clearly make the point, that the only reason that this child was dead, was because of the actions of the parents – I even asked my friends, if they could understand the point that I was making; they all said that my point was clear as daylight, and that they had no problem understanding that the actions of the parents, had caused the death of this child.

Could it be that some Christians, simply, really don’t live within the same realm of reality as most of us do? In my worldview, and in the reality in which I live, snakes and asses don’t talk, and young virgin girls, don’t give birth to babies, and the dead don’t rise; however, most often when you confront Christians as to why they believe as truth, such silly and utter nonsense, instead of simply answering, most try and convince you, that you are simply misunderstanding these issues; and this is one of the facets of this mind-virus, that I find the most appalling – some Christians, will even spend hours trying to convince you, that you just don’t understand the meaning of all of those horrible stories, which are written in the bible – like the one when their “god,” “flooded” the earth, and then murdered all of those innocent men, women and children; they even tell this horrible, sick and morbid story to little children, and paint it as being warm and fuzzy, and they try and convince you, that you just don’t understand the story.

We all know that the Tea Party, is filled to the rafters with ignorant and deluded, uneducated and just plain stupid idiots and morons, and one only needs to look at the party’s leadership, to fully understand why the Tea Party, is the party of stupid.

In the following video, Tea Party spokesperson, and devout Christian Michele Bachmann, demonstrates again that she doesn’t know jack-shit about American history, or anything else for that matter – and when Tea Party strategist Sal Russo, is asked to explain just what in the hell this ignorant moron was talking about, and why the Tea Party picked someone as stupid and ignorant as Bachmann for their spokesperson, he simply spins around, and then starts talking out of his ass, and trying to convince the host, that she was talking about government spending? This is sort of what I was saying that most Christians do, when confronted about just how insane their beliefs are – they simply spin around, and start talking out of their ass, while trying to convince you, of your ignorance.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What kind of god would tell people to kill other people because they don’t believe in your god?

The level of delusion, ignorance and stupidity in this video is just astounding; and its shameful that in the year 2011, that we still have people who behave like these ignorant people are behaving in this video – at about 1:17 this idiot asks: “what kind of god would tell people to kill other people because they don’t believe in your god?”

Well, let’s see…………………..how about your “god” in the bible, the “god” of all 3 major religions……….the evil fucking “god” in your bible, who “fathered” your “virgin-born” “savior” “Jesus.”

Ronald Reagan cut the funding for the care of our mentally-ill in the 1980s, and then gave tax cuts to the rich – yes, Reagan has been dead for awhile now, but his legacy is still alive and doing well.

The "god" in the bible demands death for those who don’t believe:  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can we really trust our Government?

Yesterday, I broke a promise that I had made to myself, about 3 years after I had first started writing and posting stories on the internet back in the 1990s, that I would never write about my opinions on such issues as Governmental conspiracies, and this was after I wrote an article refuting a post about AIDS being planted in Africa – some fucking nut had posted this silly story, and he claimed that he had evidence that the U.S government had planted AIDS in Africa, and I spent over a year debunking his “evidence.” Then yesterday while responding to comments, I got into the position again, only this time, I was the one wearing the tinfoil cap. So, Sbj,1964, to further clarify what I am saying and where I am coming from – I learned about this facet of earth science, from the best data that was available back in the 1970s and early 1980s on the earth’s atmosphere – information in textbooks which was complied well before the start of the “space-race,” and the so called race between the USA and the Soviets, to land a man on the moon. After the start of the “space-race,” the importance of beating the Soviets, in a race to be the first to land a man on the moon was being sold to the American people, as a thing of national pride. However, this race was never about pride, or being the first to make it to the moon. With the Soviet’s success of Sputnik, our Government realized for the first time, just how far that we were behind the Soviets in our space program and technologies.

After WWII, and we had started all of this “in god we trust” bullshit, and this one nation under fucking “god” bullshit, and had stopped teaching our children real math and science, and had started creating little brain-dead Christian-sheep – in the 1950s, our “Sputnik moment,” was when we realized, that while we were becoming just a nation of ignorant and deluded, and brain-dead Christian-sheep; the god-less Soviets, were kicking our asses in both math and science, and had beaten us into space.

From The Washington Post:

President Eisenhower immediately declared the "Sputnik crisis" - in part out of concern that a country that could launch a satellite into space could also effectively deliver nuclear missiles across continents.

Less than a year later, Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act, which created NASA. He also began new national education initiatives to train more engineers.

The “space-race” was never about who made it to the moon first – it was about a race to be the first nation to have the strategic capacity, of raining down nuclear death from above.

At its conception, NASA was shrouded in so much secrecy, that it was drawing much suspicion from the scientific community. And our Government had started propagandizing, any and all of our new scientific discoveries, which they felt were in the interests of national security. The government began hiding anything and everything in which they deemed, as being a valuable strategic asset to the military, and they started disinformation campaigns, in an attempt hide our “secrets’ from the Soviets, and they were even hiding our new technologies, from most non Governmental scientists as well. And in the 1970s and 80s, when this disinformation had even started spreading into the science textbooks, I then became more and more disinterested in science also –you see, I was taught science by old-school scientists; and I was taught to be skeptical – you see, science must always be tested and retested, and not just simply believed – simply believing something because someone says it’s true, is the position of faith and ignorance, and held in religion, and not a position held within science – and this is the main reason why teaching real science, is such a detriment to religion, as no critically thinking person, could ever come to believe, that a ghost fucked a little girl, and this virgin-girl, then gave birth to a magical “savior,” who was then killed, but then after 3 days, his stinking and rotting corpse arose, and then walked among the living.

My position which I expressed on the subject of whether or not we did in fact land a man on the moon back in the 1960s, was derived from the best scientific information and data that was available back in the early 60s, and it was the opinion of all of the scientists that I knew back in the 1970s, that it couldn’t be done at the time, and impart because of the deadly levels of radiation, that the astronauts would encounter in outer space. And I have yet to see, any new credible data, which conflicts with the old information and data. The only thing that has changed, is the fact that our Government, now says that we did in fact go to the moon; however, the supporting data for refuting the previous data, is simply missing – the information in the science books has simply changed, and without any supporting scientific data.

I am not saying that the moon landing was all just simply propaganda and fucking lies; however, the way the Government starting all of these disinformation campaigns, we now have people believing that the government is hiding fucking Aliens in the state of Nevada. And anyone who is skeptical and questions any of the pure bullshit that our Government says, is now being labeled as a conspiracy nut, and seen in the same light as those who believe that government is hiding fucking Aliens.

It seems that we didn’t learn anything from our first "Sputnik crisis," as we have again allowed religion to pollute our Government, and again stopped educating our children, and simply telling them what to think and believe. Since the 1980s, we have created a nation of folks so fucking ignorant and deluded, that we now have these TV preaching con-artists and fucking thieves, making millions of dollars off selling magical spring-water, and all sorts of other, pure religious bullshit – and again, we are trying change our data and history in our textbooks – and if these ignorant fucking Christians here in America, don’t wake up real fucking soon, the only master that they will be serving will be a corporate master, and while they work for low wages, and with no fucking benefits.

Ok, my friends, the doors is open again, and coming real soon, my post on why I believe everything that the Government has told us about 9/11, was just fucking bullshit!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are We Alone in the Universe?

As far back as I can remember I would look up at the stars and wonder, just how many earth like planets that just might be out there orbiting these billions upon billions of stars. And how many of them just might have life-forms, or even have intelligent life living on them. Back in the 1970s, when I started learning about science and cosmology, through science we already had a real good understanding of how the stars were formed, including how our own star was formed – and it was believed that just about every star in the universe was formed just like our own sun. So I wondered, just how many of these stars might had formed planets out of the leftover dust and gas clouds, just like our own solar system had formed.

Back in the 1970s and 80s, we hadn’t yet developed the technologies needed to detected planets orbiting any other star outside of our own solar system; however, through science, we were almost certain that there were many other planets out there and countless other solar systems.

Then in 1995, with the discovery of the first planet orbiting a star outside of our own solar system – that added weight to another idea in which I firmly believe – that anywhere in the universe where the conditions are just right for life to exists, it most likely does exist. But what kind of life is the only question?

I personally believe that the odds of us finding other human-like life forms living on other earth-like worlds are not all that great. But still, I personally believe that the universe is simply seething with life forms, and including intelligent life. The odds that the conditions here on earth which have allowed us to evolve into what we are today, also happening anywhere else in the universe, are very slim, but not totally out of the question. And if intelligent life did or does exist, did they ever move beyond the current state that we are in today? And if so, how long did it take them to become rational, and move beyond their myths and silly religious superstitions?

One thing which goes without question is the fact that in the last 100 years, we have gained more real knowledge about life and the universe in which we live in, than in all of the other years of our human history combined. And another thing which goes without question, is the fact that we were only able to advance this far, after breaking free from the strangle hold that the church and religion had held on free thought for so many years. Just think of how much further we would have advanced by now, if 3000-4000 years ago, we had started advancing science and technology, instead of creating gods. And what will it take to drag these ignorant and deluded, religious morons into a true post dark-age era – what if we did in fact discover, radio signals or some other form of intelligent communication, beaming from another planet orbiting a distant star somewhere in the universe – would that be enough?

I personally believe that if beings from an advanced civilization, did in fact happen upon us folks living here on earth, that they wouldn’t even attempt to make contact – think about it, how many of us, go out of our way, just to avoid making contact with the religious?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Christian “rock-brain” science – and why my son stopped debating with Christians:

I learned a new term (Christian rock-brain science) last month while watching a video of my son explaining why he no longer debates with Christians on the subjects of science. One of his friends from the university where he currently works, had been in a heated debate with a group young Christians, who had recently received graduate degrees in “creation biology” from a Christian university.

My son’s friend, area of study is in evolutionary biology, and having never been exposed to religious doctrine, and he simply couldn’t understand why these creation biologists, were trying bridge together the science of both cosmology and biological evolution as being the same science (this would be like saying that the same form of science one would use in studying the rings around the planet Saturn, could also be used in the study of plant biology, and the rings in trees here on earth as well).

My son said that he entered this debate, simply out of curiosity, and to help his friend explain to these Christians, the difference in the science of trying to gain insight into how the universe came into being, and the science of how life got started here on earth, and how life has evolved.

To help protect my son’s identity, I will only say that he is currently working with a team of other particle physicists, who just like the tens of thousands of other scientists all around the world, who are currently, or will be analyzing the data from the experiments that are now being conducted at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

My son said that talking science with these “Christian scientists,” was just like trying to explain the fundamentals of science to a group of pre-school children - creation biology, starts with the same premise as that of the creation myth(s) in the bible. That some creator, created the universe, and exclusively for the purpose of creating life here on earth; and therefore that everything perceived within reality, must also be, all part of this same plan. As I watched the video of the highlights of my son’s part in this debate, it quickly became clear that these Christians had no understanding of the difference between scientific theory, and simple mindless conjecture – and they maintained the argument, that the whole vast universe was simply created for mankind to live here on earth. None of them seemed to have any real conception, of just how large the universe actually is, or the fact that it’s still expanding and growing even bigger with every second of every day. And when my son offered the fact that the universe is still expanding, as evidence supporting the fact that the universe started with a big bang – one of the Christians got up and screamed at my son: “you can’t prove any of this,” and as the other Christians wildly applauded this Christians ignorant remark. My son then simply replied: “and I can’t prove anything to a rock either – but the fact is that no one would argue, whether or not a real rock is in fact a real rock, unless they also, have a rock for a brain.” And at that point, this enraged Christian got up and slammed down a pocket sized copy of a bible on the table in front of my son and screamed: “in this bible is the word of god, and that is all of the proof that I will ever need – and you’ll remember my words today, when you’re burning in hell.” At that point after this ignorant outburst, all of the real scientists decided that it was time to end this debate with these ignorant Christian morons.

Later on in this video, my son expressed that he felt extremely sad for these young Christians, as some of them, had wasted up to 4 years of their lives, learning this mindless and worthless bullshit, and now this was the best that they could do, in a debate with real scientists?

I received this video in a large packet of videos and other stuff that our sons had worked on, and put together last summer, as a gift for my fiftieth birthday - and I must say that this is the best birthday gift, that I have ever received!

This was the first time that I have seen my son in a heated debate with deluded and ignorant, Christian idiots and morons, and the first time I noticed, that he does the same thing that I used to do, when I had ignorant Christians spewing their deluded bullshit at me – he just sat there, with a wide grin on his face. Today, if I would have been there in my son’s position, that video would have been filled with words like: “you ignorant Christian motherfuckers” and the debate would have only lasted about 5 minutes, before it had turned into a fucking brawl!

What I still find the most astounding is what Christians and other religious people, simply can’t seem to understand, is the fact that science has long ago dismissed the relevance in which any of these manmade god(s) and creation myth(s), play in the role of life and the universe – man simply created god(s) and all of these silly stories of creation – and science is no longer looking for who created the universe, and if it was created just for us. Today, we are simply trying to gain real insight into how the universe came into being – and as scientists, today we fully understand that whatever or whoever may have started it all, as humans, we are all just along for the ride – and we’re not trying to understand which “god” is in the driver’s seat either, we are simply trying to understand, what’s doing the driving,

The person giving the presentation of the LHC in the video below is a bright and rising star, in the world of particle physics (Brian Cox). Well worth watching!