Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pastor Accused of Denying Communion to Churchgoers Who Didn't Give Tax Refunds

This is just one of those things which make my head spin – after the pastor in this video is accused of taking jesus off of the lunch menu, after most of his sheep sat quietly after he asks them for their tax refund checks – he then does what I have always seen most Christians do when they’re stuck in a corner – they simply try to spin the whole thing around, and then they start lying:

Having grown up myself in a neighborhood, which had one of these small churches on almost every street corner, I can sort of understand where the pastor is coming from – where does his sheep think that all of that cheap wine and crackers come from, where do they think that the money to pay the bills comes from? If someone belongs to a house of delusion, then they should support the house as well. However, anyone who would attend a church where the pastor starts calling folks “devils” and “demons,” (cheap tight-ass heathens would have been more appropriate, you think) deserve whatever they get, and likewise for the “pastor”?