Saturday, March 12, 2011

When the superstitious start seeing signs in nature:

Whenever a natural disaster occurs, or any other type of disaster occurs – anything that happens, which involves the pain suffering and deaths of people, the one thing that you can always count on is Christian lunacy. Over the years, I have become sort of a junky for the ignorant rants from those like Pat Robertson, and the other deluded idiots and ignorant morons. And after the death of Jerry Falwel, I’ve been finding it harder and harder, to find my fix – it’s sad enough when bad shit happens, but it even makes the event sadder, when some deluded moron proclaims that "god" had caused an earthquake which killed people, simply because Muslim woman are showing too much skin in public (showing both eyes, instead of just one), or he starts killing people, simply to remind them to love each other???

Meet Gordon Robertson, the son of Pat Robertson. After the devastating earthquake hit Japan; Gordon Robertson proclaimed live during a Regent University preview session after a New Jersey audience member had asked him, whether the frequency of earthquakes were a sign of the End Times and if so, what he should do?

From God discussion:

"Well, we should be looking because our redemption draws nigh," Robertson replied. "In all the warnings of the End Times, earthquakes are just one of them and Jesus likened it to birth pangs. The earth is literally giving birth to the coming Messiah. I would expect we will see more. We've seen devastation in Christchurch in New Zealand. This magnitude was literally beyond imagining, what's happened just today in Japan. So we'll see more of that."

Robertson told another listener who was worried about politics to vote to create change. He also encouraged Christians to be part of the candidate selection process.

When asked about fiscal conservatism, he remarked that Social Security and Medicaid were the biggest components of the deficit and thought that the retirement age should be extended a couple of years for Social Security.

This goes without question, that the old saying is in fact true: “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

I have always thought biggest components of the deficit, were the two wars that Bush had been funding off of the books, and the tax cuts for the rich?