Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seeing puppies in the clouds; and feeling the “holy-spirit,” are all one in the same!

Ever since my friend showed me this photo of clouds he found on the net; I’ve have been reminiscing back to the day that I realized that I was different from most other kids I knew, and including their parent(s) for the most part. This all happened on a spring afternoon back when I was about 8 years old. I had been playing hide & seek with at least three other kids, two of them were girls. After we had all burned ourselves out from chasing each other around; we all just laidback on the grass and rested.

As one of the girls was looking towards the sky and watching the white puffy clouds pass by, she said: “do you guys see that cute little puppy up there in the clouds?” then the other girl asks: “where, I don’t see it?” then the first girl points at the sky and said: “see, he’s right there!” then the second girl replied: “Oh, I can see him too, I can even see his head and his tail.” The boy then said: “I don’t see him, where is he?” the girls pointing: “he’s right there, don’t you see him,” the boy: “no, I don’t see no damn dog in the sky – you girls are both nuts.” The girls: “you don’t see him because you’re just too stupid to see him; you’re just a stupid boy!” A few moments passed, and then the boy said: “Oh, now I can see him – he looks like he’s waging his tail.” The girls: “you little liar, you can’t see him now; he’s already gone!” then the girls turned to me and ask: you seen him, didn’t you John?” (As the boy sat there nervously fidgeting while waiting for my answer) I look at both of them and said: “no, the only thing that I had seen was white puffy clouds!”

It was at that moment I realized why I had never felt the “holy-spirit” move over me. And why I never felt a personal connection with Gawd or Jeebus either; or anything else “supernatural” for that matter either. I believe this is also why when most people find themselves in these types of situations, where other people are claiming they feel or see something supernatural or spooky; most people will simply go along so as not to be different from all the rest of them – and even if they have to lie about it.

I had seen this happen, many times before at my Pentecostal church when I was a child; during the part of the service when the pastor was performing “exorcisms.” Someone would point and say: “did you see that demon jump out of them – and look, it’s over there trying to climb-up the wall.” Then everyone in the area that they were pointing at, would then get up and start running away from the “demon” and saying thing like: “where’s the demon at now.” And people would start pointing all over the church; at the walls, at the floor, the ceiling and everywhere. They all seemed to be, all having a mass delusion. And at this point, I would always get up, and get as close to the front door, as I possibly could! This profound exorcize in stupidity and ignorance, would then go on uninterrupted and nonstop, for hours at a time.

Neither my mom nor I, had ever seen a demon in this church; but my two older siblings would say they always seen the demons. When these ignorant deluded morons, would ask me why I was standing there so calm, while most of the rest of them, were all playing demon-tag; I would simply say: “I just don’t see the demons.” My response would anger most of them; then they would say: “the only reason you don’t see the demons, is because you must have one living in you too.”

Years later, I concluded, this is about the same mentality as we see exhibited by onlookers, who start chanting “jump,” when someone is out on a ledge of a tall building, and threatening to jump off.

I’m not trying to say that all religious beliefs are as extreme as the Pentecostal ones are; but their all just as deluded and dangerous. When someone forces a young child into believing that there are things outside the realm of normal reality, and that “it” can cause them harm, and therefore they must fear them. And the only way that they can be safe from “it,” is by participating in some form of ritualized religious bullshit – they’re simply creating in their heads, an even bigger monster than the boogieman living under their bed, and that monster, is one, that most will never grow out of. The indoctrination of children by simply instilling fear in them – is one of the most extreme and evil forms of child abuse that has ever contrived by man. I could see this as a child, and I simply decided that no one would ever convince me to adhere to a deluded belief; just so I could be like everyone else.

When my friends first showed me this photo, and claiming that they could see an image of Miss Piggy wearing a Vikings cap, and even with her little piggy ears sticking through the top of cap, (see where the black arrow is pointing) at first I thought these kids must have been smoking something. But as I sat there, and as they were pointing out the piggy-like features in this photo; I too started seeing Miss Piggy, and wondering if this was the same process by which people become “born-again Christians?”

I’m not even going to go into what they claimed the green arrow was pointing at.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Will Jesus return this Easter Sunday? I hope so!

I recently overheard a group of Christian proselytizers, telling people that President Obama is the antichrist, and jesus will return before the end of Obama’s first term in office. An old lady replied: “is this just more of that 2012 doomsday bullshit?” The proselytizer then said: “No, I believe he’s coming back on this next Easter Sunday, so you better get ready!”

As I was still standing there wondering what would make someone believe something as silly as this? I started daydreaming about what mode of transportation jesus might use if he did return on Easter Sunday – would he arrive on a spaceship? Or would he descend from the clouds as a 700 foot tall jesus, as some have speculated he will, and would the earth stop spinning as some have said. I thought, his dad is old-school – you know, the way he killed people by flooding the earth, when he could have just spoken and poofed everyone dead? I found the logistics of this just mindboggling, but then it hit me; what would be a better day for jesus to return than on Easter Sunday. Finding all his Christians would be so easy; as most will be in church that day, and worshiping him.

About the time when I was deep into my daydream, I started hearing the voice of one of the proselytizers, who was now barking at me and saying: “you better repent and get ready bro, this maybe our last week together here on earth.”

I then put my hand on his shoulder, and looked him straight in the eyes and said: “I hope so bro; the world will be so much a nicer place for all the rest of us, when all of you deluded people are gone!”


Monday, March 29, 2010

Are the Christians today headed back to a mid-evil state of rapture delusion?

I didn’t think much about it when my friend told me about 3 months ago, that a school-mate of his daughters asked if she could live with them for awhile because her family had started acting crazy and saying that the rapture was at hand, and she was becoming more and more afraid of them. She had told him that her mom and dad, and most of her extended family, all believed that President Obama is the antichrist. So they must all start repenting, praying and fasting so they will all be ready when jesus arrives. By the end of our conversation, I realized that he was asking for my advice in this matter; and I told him if it was me, I wouldn’t get involved with those loony bat-shit crazy Christians. I told him that for the past 2000 years; in every few decades or so, some mentally ill Christian moron or another has proclaimed, “The hour of the lord, was at hand.” I told him most of these types of silly Christians are so childlike in their mentality, that they’ll soon lose interest in this silly idea, and just return to hating gays or something else.

I started thinking about this girl’s parents rapture delusion, again about two weeks ago after reading the results of a poll, in which more than 24% of the far-right Christians said, that they also believe that Obama is the antichrist. So are they also now preparing for the “rapture” too, I wondered? However, I simply dismissed the poll numbers as those of the likes of the Tea-Baggers, as just being racists stupid and ignorant. Then this past Friday, as I pulled into the parking lot of a convenient-store, and there were 4 well dressed proselytizers accosting customers and saying, “Obama was the antichrist and Satan himself, and Christ would be returning before the end of Obama’s first term as President” I started thinking just maybe I have been taking this latest of Christian senselessness, a little too lightly. Then today, I was reading about the FBI arresting members of a Christian cult:

DETROIT – Nine suspects tied to a Christian militia that was preparing for the Antichrist were charged with conspiring to kill police officers, then attack a funeral using homemade bombs in the hopes of killing more law enforcement personnel, federal prosecutors said Monday.

Now I’m starting to wonder if we all need to take the words and actions of these deluded and ignorant Christians a little more seriously. I’ve read many stories that when in the past Christians have started down this path to this type of delusional psychosis; they started killing their children and themselves. Whole families committed suicide, so they could all be together with jesus.

My personal opinion is that anyone who would totally wrap their life around a story written in a book, which tells of such things as talking-snakes and virgin-born saviors – isn’t wrapped very tight in the first place. I wonder if this is the start of a new trend; the latest in a 2000 year old psychotic delusion. And is history on the verge of repeating again, the times when deluded Christian started seeing the Jews and people of other religions (including atheists) as a hindrance between them, the rapture and jesus – so they just started killing the “god-less heathens.” Are we now in danger again as well? And where in the hell is this deluded bullshit coming from this time?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

God atheism and science; is there actually a god?

I was in my early 20s when I had a crisis of sorts over my atheism. I was about 2 years into my research in the field of quantum mechanics. Things behave much differently on a quantum level than they do within our perceived reality. The mere act of observation will affect the outcome. This has been proven by the Double Slit Experiment in which particles of matter behave differently when their being observed from when they’re not being observed. The simple act of human consciousness changed the outcome of the experiment. I thought how can a particle be aware of the fact that it’s being observed, and are we somehow connected with everything in the universe?

Then as I was starting to feel the mental stresses involved in learning this facet of science; I began wondering and pondering the idea that maybe some form of god was responsibly. I started wondering if all matter in the universe was somehow all connected through a god; or if god was the collective consciousness of all matter in the universe.

Don’t get me wrong; I was never pondering the existence of the Christian god, or any other religious deity for that matter - I had dismissed all of that deluded tripe in my preteen years. One really begins having strange thoughts when one gets into this area of science, and when one starts dealing with the theories and the math involved – the fact is you can’t even mathematically prove that you’re own self is real.

Towards the end of this video below; it gets into the Double Slit Experiment. What do you believe causes this weird outcome?


What has religion contributed to science and technology?

One thing that pisses me off more than anything else is when I hear some ignorant preacher claiming that the reason this nation is so technologically advanced is because of “god’s” blessing; when in reality the fact is, these same deluded-ignorant idiots and morons, preach against anything and everything in science, which proves the “facts” in the bible to be wrong. The truth in this matter is we as a nation, only began to be able to develop the sciences and technologies we have today, only after we separated from the oppressive church – and only then were enlightened people able pursue new ideas in science and in technologies, and without the fear of being burned-alive at the stake. The fact is the church; Christianity, “god” and religion, have contributed absolutely nothing to this process – and in defense of their asinine claims, they will try and start cherry-picking science, just like they cherry-pick the bible; however, doing this with science, only makes them look silly and stupid in the eyes of intelligent people.

They try to claim that all our technological advancements were inspired by “god,” when the fact is over 90% of our greatest inventers were non believers or atheists. Albert Einstein, who laid the foundations of modern physics, was appalled by the notion of the Christian god playing such games as in the bible, and at the same time being credited for creating the universe. Men like Thomas Edison, an outspoken atheist, who contributed so much to advance this nation, and the whole world for that matter, in a technologically direction; wasn’t inspired by the fucking bible either. Men like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, who have done more to connect the world than any others are not Christians; they’re both atheists.

In reality what this all boils down to is the fact that “god” and Christianity, has contributed absolutely nothing to our modern concepts and technologies. The fact is that you won’t hear most scientist, thanking god or Jeebus for their latest scientific breakthrough; is because well over 90% of them are non-believers and atheists.      

I believe that we in the rational community have an obligation to set the record straight in these matters; this is the wrong message to be sending to our children  – for if we let the ideas that religion and science can co-mingle  within the same realm of reality; we’ll all be led straight back to the dark-ages!  

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Sun God – our Father in Heaven:

I am a Sun-God theist of sorts; I don’t worship the sun, but I believe it’s actually, a hell of a lot more God-like, than the “god” in the bible. In fact, our Sun-God has a real father in heaven.

This is based on a theory which postulates, that sometime after the big-bang, and as energy was converted into matter, which then produced the first elements (the food for the gods) which were hydrogen, and small amounts of helium. These elements then combined to form super massive stars. This is believed to be the way most galaxies were formed, including our own galaxy. These massive stars were highly unstable, and very short-lived; and it is believed, that they died in a super massive explosion, that spewed out new elements and matter, that then became trapped by its own gravity, after its core had collapsed, and created a black-hole.

This new matter would then coalesce and form smaller, but more stable stars, including our own sun. All of the planets, comets and asteroids, and most everything else in our solar system; was created in the birth of our sun. And all the elements, which makeup the atoms, of which all life on this planet are comprised of, were all made in the birth, life, and death of those stars.

When a Christian asks me, if I don’t believe in “god,” then who do you think made you? I simply tell them; that we were all made from stars; and the fact is that our sun has a father in heaven (the proto-star, which created our galaxy, in its death) that died so we could live. This in turn, allowed all life on this planet to begin. And I tell them, that in essences; we are all just made from the shit that stars vomited-up, eons ago while dying.

In our quests to understand the meaning of life, and how we and everything else came into being; we can only look to science to find the truths. Science has, and will always strive to increase our base of knowledge. And only through gaining a better understanding, of how things came into being; will we be able understand these questions, and find the true answers.

Could it be that most people know, that they can’t handle truth; and is this why they feel so comfortable believing myths, and fairytale stories, or did the reality, of the religious horrors, that they faced as children, of burning, roasting, and rotting in hell forever, leave them so mentally challenged and fearful, that they just won’t even consider, other possibilities?

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Universe: if God didn’t create it, who did?

I hear this question asked time after time in debates and in arguments between atheists and Christians. The premise of this question makes the assumption that everything within the framework of reality must have had a creator, and therefore, everything in the Universe must the creation of its own will. You will always hear them making assumptions like the watchmaker argument, or that 747 planes, don’t assembly themselves out of old parts in a scrap yard during a windstorms; they both have a designer, and were created by someone – so everything in the Universe must have a designer and creator also. This is a complete fallacy on so many different levels. We have many different examples of man-made planes and watches, and have no doubt as to their origins. We see in nature, all sorts of random and complex designs; from the random formation of crystals in snowflakes, to the uniqueness of our own fingerprints.
The main problems with these types of arguments are that we fully understand how planes and watches are designed and made; and we have many different designs of which, to compare. And therefore, we know, they’re all man-made. But in the case of the Universe, because we have no other Universe by which to observe, and compare to our own; we simply cannot make the same assumptions that it also must have a designer and creator. That would be like saying that no complex structures in nature can be created randomly; so we must then have cloud-pixies designing the crystals in each individual snowflake.
The fact is that only through science have we been able to gain any insight into these questions. And due to the fact, that just until recently, the church had held such an intense stranglehold on science and exploration; that we are now just beginning to gain the knowledge and understanding that we need, to begin to start answering these questions.
I often wonder, just how far general science would have advanced by now, and just how much further all the sciences would have advanced by now, including the science and our understanding of cosmology; if those who were working in the fields of science back then, hadn’t been forced to confine their research and their theories, within the views and the dogmas of the church. I think about, just how many children have been born over the past 400 years or so; who may have had the potential to become great scientists, but instead of being encouraged to strive and to learn, the reality of the natural world; but they only had their minds polluted with religious insanity and delusion, instead.

And I find it most appalling that after all the detriment to science that the churches have done in our resent past; in trying to legitimize their fairytales and myths as truths, and in silencing anyone or anything, with an opposing view, and even their willing to murder people by burning them at the stake, to keep their followers in the dark, and ignorant to the real truth – that today; we have so many who simply wish to keep their fucking heads stuck the sand, and remain ignorant and  ignore the reality of what’s been gained through the advancements in our understanding of science and the world around us. But have no problem using the same products of science to further their own ignorant agendas. 
Give it up Christians, real science doesn’t prove, that any of that deluded tripe written in the bible is true; it does, however, prove most of it, is at best false. And science was not created by god; both science and god were created by man – and the only real truth is in science; not in “god.”

You may be trying to lead yourselves and other Christians, even your own children back to the dark-ages; but we’re not going there, with you!