Saturday, August 21, 2010

My confusion over Sarah Palin’s statement after Schlessinger’s use of the n-word:

It’s no secret that most supporters of Sarah Palin are right-wing racist Christians. The ones who proudly displayed the little Obama-monkey dolls, the ones who screamed out “he’s not even an American – he’s a Kenyan” (i.e. he’s not white, he’s a nigger – at least that’s what I read into that). And Palin never criticized her fans – in fact, Palin said some real stupid things herself.

Now, after Laura Schlessinger came under attack for saying "nigger" 11 times on her radio show, Palin quickly came to Schlessinger's defense: "Dr.Laura:don't retreat...reload! (Steps aside bc her 1st Amend.rights ceased 2exist thx 2activists trying 2silence"isn't American,not fair")," Palin tweeted on Wednesday.

Ok, so maybe I’m just a sententious-asshole at times, but what I read into that statement “reload” is: what about porch-monkey, spear-chucker or spook – go back and give um’ hell Laura!

What do you think – is Palin out of the closet now?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time is only relevant within our frame of reference:

Every since I dove head first into theoretical science; I have had this fascination with the possibilities of time travel, and changing the outcomes of past and present events – for example, what would happen if we traveled back in time to the Middle East, let’s say to about 3500-BC; and built a city that was based on our current technology, and with all of the present knowledge and understanding of science that we have today- one could only imagine just how much further advanced in science we’d be today.

I have always wondered just how things might be different today, if at the time in our past when both Arabs and Jews were making major advancements in both math and the understanding of the world through science – just how different things might be today, if Judaism and Islam had never even been in the equation. What would the world look like today if the Egyptians had advanced science, while leaving behind superstition and religion? And without all of this other deluded nonsense, would Christianity have even evolved?

Over the past 25 years or so, I have pondered many of these questions and a lot more of them as well. I have written many stories about what our world might look like today if we had left our superstitious-religious ignorance behind us (some just for fun). In some of these stories, I have contemplated what might have happen if the Jews never had a competing religion – would the rest of the world have simply followed a more cohesive version of religion based solely on the Jewish mythology? Or would most of the Jews have simply found enlightenment much sooner and began working together with everyone else in making the world a better place for all?

Will the Republican Party survive the split over the tea-people?

I have been enjoying every single moment while watching the Republican Party implode – their chickens are simply coming home to roost, and coming home big-time. Back when Karl Rove orchestrated Ronald Reagan’s bid for President, by playing to the issues of the religious-right and the evangelical-Christians; he probably never even realized that this move would come back and bite the party in the ass big-time. Now the party has become the party of the ones who live on the outermost fringes of reality.

It was the middle of a tough primary contest, and Rep. Bob Inglis (R-S.C.) had convened a small meeting with donors who had contributed thousands of dollars to his previous campaigns. But this year, as Inglis faced a challenge from tea party-backed Republican candidates claiming Inglis wasn't sufficiently conservative, these donors hadn't ponied up. Inglis' task: Get them back on the team. "They were upset with me," Inglis recalls. "They are all Glenn Beck watchers." About 90 minutes into the meeting, as he remembers it, "They say, 'Bob, what don't you get? Barack Obama is a socialist, communist Marxist who wants to destroy the American economy so he can take over as dictator. Health care is part of that. And he wants to open up the Mexican border and turn [the US] into a Muslim nation.'" Inglis didn't know how to respond.

How does one respond to this type of lunacy?

As he tells this story, the veteran lawmaker is sitting in his congressional office, which he will have to vacate in a few months. On June 22, he was defeated in the primary runoff by Spartanburg County 7th Circuit Solicitor Trey Gowdy, who had assailed Inglis for supposedly straying from his conservative roots, pointing to his vote for the bank bailout and against George W. Bush’s surge in Iraq. Inglis, who served six years in Congress during the 1990s as a conservative firebrand before being reelected to the House in 2004, had also ticked off right-wingers in the state’s 4th Congressional District by urging tea-party activists to “turn Glenn Beck off” and by calling on Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) to apologize for shouting “You lie!” at Obama during the president’s State of the Union address. For this, Inglis, who boasts (literally) a 93 percent lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, received the wrath of the tea party, losing to Gowdy 71 to 29 percent. In the weeks since, Inglis has criticized Republican House leaders for acquiescing to a poisonous, tea party-driven “demagoguery” that he believes will undermine the GOP’s long-term credibility. And he’s freely recounting his frustrating interactions with tea party types, while noting that Republican leaders are pushing rhetoric tainted with racism, that conservative activists are dabbling in anti-Semitic conspiracy theory nonsense, and that Sarah Palin celebrates ignorance….

This is what happens when those who historically didn’t even vote in the national elections – the ones who believe that there were ghosts running around 2000 years ago, and raping little girls and making saviors, bring their bat-shit crazy lunacy into politics. Most Christians are not only extremely deluded, but a lot of them are extremely hatful – they hate Muslims, atheists and even other Christians who have a different understanding of “ god’s good-word.”

I simply say: good for them – like that old saying goes; “when one lies with dogs, one shouldn’t then complain about the fleas either.” They invited the right-wing Christian lunatics into the main stream of the party – now they just have to deal with them.

The good news is that less than 25% of the voters now identify themselves as Republicans; and the tea-party has further divided the party right down the middle – I believe that the Republican party is well on its way to becoming just another fringe party of nutters.

I believe the time has now come that we need a new party – a party of real progressives. The way I see it is that the republicans are fast going to “hell” in a hand-basket – so let them take the democrats with them!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

What would happen today if Christians met the real God-child?

Let’s just say for the sake of argument, that Jesus was even a real person for one moment, (I don’t believe that there ever was a “god-child” named Jesus, or any other type, for that matter) how many of today’s Christians would be still be willing to follow “his” teachings if they were forced to come face to face with the real “god-child,” and “his” real teachings – I’d say not many. Most would say that he’s a moron – the fact is that they would all soon realize that none of them were in fact true-Christians. And the “god-child” would probably say: what a bunch of real heathens and hypocrites, who today are calling themselves Christians – I really liked the following video:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sharron Angle:

Angle: “What’s happening (in America).Is a violation of the 1st Commandment;” entitlements “make government our God.”
That's what Sharron Angle, the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate, said in an April 21 interview with TruNews Christian Radio's Rick Wiles. I have obtained audio of the interview, previously unnoticed, which contains some startling rhetoric from the candidate who has said running for office was a calling from God. But in this interview, she goes much further:
"And these programs that you mentioned -- that Obama has going with Reid and Pelosi pushing them forward -- are all entitlement programs built to make government our God. And that’s really what’s happening in this country is a violation of the First Commandment. We have become a country entrenched in idolatry, and that idolatry is the dependency upon our government. We’re supposed to depend upon God for our protection and our provision and for our daily bread, not for our government."

When was the last time that we heard a candidate say, that they have entered a political race because god had spoken to them - let’s see – Gorge W. Bush? Sharron Angle is even sicker in the head than Bush is; and she makes Sarah Palin look like a world scholar. But one can’t help respecting this ignorant mentally-ill Christian for saying what’s really on her deluded-mind. In essence; we need to depend on god and jesus for all of our needs – is this why Christians are so opposed to any and all government social program which actually helps people? Let’s see, god lets millions of children die each year of starvation and easily curable illness because god just has better things to do – like saving drug-addicts and alcoholics from their own willful destructive behavior.    
At least this deluded ignorant Christian bitch has the balls to say what’s really on her deluded mind.  

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Atheist School Proposal Welcome under Britain’s New Education Policy Reform:

Richard Dawkins has said he is interested in setting up an atheist “free school” under the Government’s plan to encourage independent education establishments

The Religious Clause: 
Yesterday's London Telegraph reports that Britain's Education Secretary Michael Grove says he would be interested in looking at proposals by individuals such as atheist Prof. Richard Dawkins for the creation of a "free thinking" school. Around one-third of the government funded schools in Britain are faith schools. The government has published a plan to give parents' groups, teachers and charities powers to open their own schools at taxpayers' expense. Saying that an atheist school would not be his personal preference, he emphasized that nevertheless it is consistent with the new policy of providing the greatest degree of choice to parents.

I believe this is just wonderful; good for Britain.I have been dreaming for years now of reforming our own education system here in the US. The quality of the education that our children are receiving in the public school system is simply appalling – over half of all the high school grads, can’t even find the state that they live in on a map. And what they are teaching them as science is a joke.

I would like to see a movement towards the creation and establishment of reality based public schools here in the US. They could be modeled after the secular private schools we already have, like Lakeside and others. The staff at lakeside and the staff at the school where our own children attended, all take pride in actually teaching children (it’s simply just a different type of enthusiasm that you see in highly educated and motivated teachers).