Saturday, May 29, 2010

What is the real root of all evil?

I have been thinking about this some lately. I don't believe anymore that there is one cause for evil. I am just giving my personnel opinion on this, so like anything else I could be wrong. There are some things people say are the root of evil but only when viewed in the extreme are they able to stand alone. The three main factors I see as making evil come from people are religion, power, and money. None of these three are evil but are used by others to advance an agenda that harms more then it does good. There are very few if any major acts which don't harm someone some how.

I know that the three things I have listed aren't the only elements that lead to evil acts but I do see them as main causes. I will begin with religion. Is religion evil? I don't see religion as it was meant to be as evil but it is easily abused which leads to evil being committed in its name. What I know of history shows that religion has been used to advance many different types of actions. I believe that religion makes it easier for people to justify any action they take that they normally wouldn't commit. I could list all the acts that have been committed in the name of many different religions that are seen as evil in todays world. I don't think it is necessary to do that because most people already know what I would list. What we need to do is look at how people are in ordinary life in regards to their religious beliefs. Most people, no matter what religion, wants the world to believe that their religion is about love and peace. How do each of these different religions define what they call love? How do the people within each religion define love?

Power is something we all have to one degree or another. Like most things, power is easily abused and easily gotten when mixed with religion or money. Power give people the ability to help those in need. What makes someone in need? The problem I see with power is it makes many people believe they are above those under them. Most people who have power begin to forget what it took to get that power. We as people need to ask ourselves what we would do if we were in power? I like to believe that I would do what I could to advance our understanding the universe. How easy would it be for people with money to change my views? I have been poor my whole life. I have had to struggle many times to make it though the next week or mouth. Would I abandon my views if I knew I wouldn't have to worry about money or harm from others religions anymore? How can we stop religion and money from influencing people within power? If you were in a position of power would you want others restricting that power?

Lets get to what most people seem to thing the root of all evil is. When the original statement was coined, the odds are money was rare. While man was small barter and other means of trade were easily used. As mans knowledge began to expand, the ability of trade and barter became to complicated to work. We can still do some trading and barter today but it is usually in extremely small scales. Money isn't really the problem. It is the belief that money is the most important thing in life. Until extreme greed is gotten under control there is little that can be done about the effects of money. I figure here in the USA the best way to control greed is though taxes and eliminating private political contributions.

I believe that the real root of all evil is man and thier inability to understand all people are equal.

It’s Time to Send the Religious Bullshit Back into the Churches:

I awoke this morning thinking about a conversation that I had with my son a few weeks ago, and the part about the universe, and how big it is. He told me how grateful he was that I had spent so much time with him and his brothers, teaching them about science and cosmology. He said that when he entered collage as a student of science; that he was already way ahead of most of his fellow classmates – but the one thing that I had failed at in getting him to understand, was just how vast the universe actually is. As I looked into my son’s bright star-struck eye’s he said that it was so damn petty and selfish, just how the religious people believe that their God made all of this, just so that he could put all of us humans, on a tiny speck of it called earth. Then leave us all alone, to fight over each other’s God delusions, and just so he can pick a few of us, to join him in a place called heaven. He then said that after completing the first years of their education, none of his Christian peers were still buying the religious bullshit either. He told me many stories about other students that he knew, and how they had found enlightenment. One such story was of a catholic student, whose religious upbringing nearly caused her to have a mental breakdown, when she realized that everything that she had been told by the church about life and the universe; had all just been a big load of fucking bullshit. And in her 3ed year of study, how she proclaimed herself as an atheist to him – and if I was reading correctly between the lines; I believe he thinks he’s found his soul-mate.

He told me that in most of the secular Europe countries, where he’s both worked and studied, that the kind of religious bullshit that we deal with here is not tolerated. And not tolerated even in Great Britain where the government, even provides partial funding of private religious schools (here in the U.S. we have those ignorant Christians down there in Texas, who are trying to set the teaching curriculum for the rest of the nation). He said that in most of the places that he’s been in Europe, people still have the rights to be just as stupid and ignorant as they please. But those people don’t get to dictate public policies based on their deluded beliefs; and the people there wonder just why, we here in the U.S. have allowed our nation, to be dragged down into a Christian cesspool of ignorance (the Bush years, were our darkest days).

His stories serve both to remind me of just how small minded and petty, ignorant religious people are; and why we as rational people, we must take a stance, and begin fighting to rid all levels of our government of this deluded religious, superstition and nonsense - and then take back our nation as the secular one that our Founding Fathers had intended it to be – lest we become just another nation of ignorant warmongering, and death loving Christian morons. We must stop these petty little small minded ignorant people, who polices are destroying our planet, from having any say in the decisions of our government – be it either at the state or the federal level; this is simply a church/state issue, and a very important one to our own survival. These people don’t care about the state of our planet; to them, this is only the first stop on their way to heaven – I simply want a place where my grandchildren and their future children can live, and live within reality, and the only place where we currently have to live our lives, is our home here on earth.

I don’t know about any of you, but even with all of its other problems, the U.K. sure sound like a much nicer place to live!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Atheists; do we really need faith to be rational?

There are at least two common misconceptions most religious people have who claim that it takes more “faith” to be an atheist, than it does to believe in “god.” These misconceptions are about the same of those who say it takes more “faith” to believe in science than it does to simply believe in their god(s). All of the three major religions, are based on the stories of the OT of the bible; the muslims believe that their “prophet” Mohamed, was sitting in a cave for years talking to an angel, and then he rode a winged-horse into the sky and then went up to “heaven.” But before he departed for his final trip, he met with Moses, jesus, Abraham, and a whole host of other prophets. The Christians on the other hand, believe that jesus was the son of god – or that he was god himself. Most believe he was born of a virgin; and after his mom had been raped by a ghost; however, the Mormons believe that god simply fucked the christ out of her little virgin ass, somewhere in space, and on another planet. And then the Jews don’t believe any of the above deluded nonsense – they simply cling to the bat-shit crazy stories of the Old Testament (dirt-man, rib-woman, the talking-snake, the great-flood, and a 6000 year old earth).And they’re the ones who believe all of this deluded irrational bullshit – why in the hell do they think that we need faith simply to be rational?

The first misconception Christians make when addressing me and this issue of faith in science, VS faith in their “god,” is that they assume that I was once just like them, and that I believed in their “god.” The second misconception is a misunderstanding of science itself; which is simply rooted in their ignorance of science. They speak of the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, as just being another type of religion, and of Darwin as just being some kind of a false god. They talk about the big-bang and Darwinian Theory as if they were both the same science. Some even believe that Darwin was attempting explained how the universe was made, and how life came into being; when the fact is Darwinian Theory only postulates that the species of living things we see today, only survived through natural selection in response to environmental changes (this is why, we don’t have many animals left today, who both eat and shit from the same hole; we just have a bunch of Christians, who still talk out of their asses).

One doesn’t need faith to believe in science; one only needs a working brain, and an understanding of science. Most religious people believe the bat-shit crazy dogmas of their deluded beliefs as truths. They have simply created their own reality – worlds were snakes talk, virgins have children, the dead rise and there’s an all-powerful space-daddy watching them from the sky.

I have always believed that most any child can learn and excel in science; but only if their minds haven’t first been polluted and poisoned by the ignorance of religion. Today we are seeing Christians changing history and teaching fairytales to children as science – no people, “jesus” did not have a pet dinosaur. The mental abuse and intellectual harm you are causing to your children should be a criminal offence – you are simply creating more little idiots and brain-dead morons!

I have pondered the idea that some kind of creature might have had a hand in creating the universe. However, it’s an insult to say that the made-up Gawd in the buy-bull had any hand in it.

No, Christians, I have never believed that any of your utter deluded religious tripe was true. And stop believing that I need faith to believe in science – I simply understand science – you, simply don’t have a fucking clue, what science really is about.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

By Baconsbud; Reposted From My Views and Comments:

Differences between scientists and those that are religious:

I do something still today that used to really piss my ex-wife off. I would find a subject and start thinking about it heavily. I have been reading a few old blogs I used to read often until they quit publishing. The one I was reading that led to this post was about how religious people claim it takes faith to believe in science. It seems to me that this type of statement requires you to redefine the word faith. We know that faith is believing something without the evidence to support that view. I know of no science that is based on no evidence.

I have conducted no studies nor do I plan to about this topic. The points I plan on making here are my opinions and mine alone. Some of the differences I see between these two types of people are scientist tend to avoid saying they are 100% sure and always welcome challenges. I have met a few theist that seem to welcome challenges but once you start showing the evidence against their view they tend to get less and less willing to accept anything but their own words. Most that believe in any religion tend to be 100% sure of their views and will throw any evidence out with the bathwater if it doesn't fit their views. Yes a scientist will have some faith in his/her new hypothesis but will tend to have more trust in his/her abilities. A scientist might not like it but if their idea is proven wrong to them, they will accept it and modify their views to fit the new evidence. Many religious people will ignore any evidence or throw the devil into the mix to avoid admitting they are wrong. Most scientists will keep up with any advances in their fields and those that are related to it. I can't say that i know of any people who are religious that keep up with advances other religions make other then the methods which will get them more followers.

Do both scientist and theist use fear to advance their views? Is money the main reason either of these groups attempt to advance their views? I know theist use fear as a tool to advance their religion but I don't think it is used by most scientists. There are some but most people who use fear to advance science aren't actually scientist. The problem is that most non-scientist see the fear invoked by these other none scientist as coming from scientist. Yes money is always a factor in both fields. The difference I see is that most scientists use the money they struggle to get to help all of mankind while religions tend to use it to just advance their own views and could care less about the harm done to others. I have no way of knowing the full numbers but I would be willing to bet all I have that less than 50% of the money given to churches actually helps anyone outside of that church. I would be about 75% willing to bet less than 25% goes to those in need outside the churches.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The 30th Anniversary of the Mount ST Hellens Eruption; have we left the dark-ages, yet?

There are a few things that stand out in my mind about 1980; it was the year I bought my first video game, (an Atari 2600 console) and my first VHS video recorder. It was that same year that VCX inc. began releasing new high quality XXX porno movies in VHS format, and at about a rate of two movies per month – and it was the same year that I discovered that Christian girls, liked X-rated porn, even more than I did. I started thinking of the movies as training films. These slutty little Christian chicks would scream out “OH MY GOD” and “OH MY JESUS” so much while I was having sex with them; that I had started developing a messiah complex back then, even though my name has always been john. I was 19 in 1980, and life was good!

In the late 1970s, the geological activity here in the North West had started increasing greatly. Even The water in the hot-springs at the nudist camp where I would go and swim; had become so hot that you damn-near could have cooked lobsters in the water. Both of the major mountain ranges that border most of Washington state, which includes at least 3 dormant volcano’s were all experiencing dramatic increases in both seismic activity and steam venting. There was great concern among many of our states geologists, that some kind of a mass geological event might have been imminent. By late 1979 the talk of volcanic eruptions had began over shadowing almost everything else – and updates from the U.S. Geological Survey had become the focal point of the nightly news.

Then in the spring of 1980, and after the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Washington had reported that an eruption at least one of these dormant volcanos’s (Mount ST Helens) was almost certain; an emergency plan was enacted. This plan included the voluntary evacuation of the people living in the danger zones, including all of the people who were living on the mountain. Then on the day when the Governor of the State of Washington had issued an evacuation warning, and had ordered the states National Guard to assist in relocating those who were living in the danger-zones; some of these people were still refusing to leave. And refusing despite of the fact that the mountain was now producing many daily earthquakes, and the water in a nearby lake had begun to boil, and there were dead fish floating around everywhere on its surface. Many of these folks claimed that they had lived on this Mountain for all of their lives, and that they were Christians, and that Jesus would not let harm come to them or their families – while back here in Seattle, some of the preachers were saying “God” had been giving visions of the North West being totally destroyed by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and 700 foot high tidal waves. It almost seemed like they were in some kind of a competition of out doing each others fear mongering. Some were saying that the eruptions were needed to expand hell, so that all of the heathens in Seattle could fit without any difficulty. And some had started holding nightly prayer services, and telling their ignorant flock that all they needed was faith in Jesus, and they would go to heaven. And they were really raking in the big-bucks!

Most of the fearful ignorant Christians that I knew back then, including most of my Christian girlfriends, were real concerned over all of the bullshit that these preachers were saying. One girl’s mom had started making plans to leave the state because she was so afraid of what her preacher was saying; however no one in the scientific community was warning of this type of an event. However; one of my Christian girlfriends and her mom, seemed to be almost looking forward to this disaster. They were the types of Christians that you always see at funerals – the kind of Christians who are attracted to the suffering, pain and death of others; and just about the same way that a fly is attracted to shit. They seem to love death so much that if nobody that they knew had died in any given week; then they would simply open-up a news-paper, and then start searching the obituaries for some ones funeral to attend. It doesn’t really matter to this kind of Christian what kind of funeral it is – some poor kid might be simply putting their beloved pet to rest; but they’re still just as happy with any kind of sadness that involves death. They’re the kind of folks who stand around saying that some ones dead loved ones have gone to a better place (they went home to Jesus). Most of my Christian girlfriends, had decided to stop fornicating with me, so they could get closer to Jesus; but not this death loving Christian girl. That week she gave me all the wild and crazy sex that I had wanted – hell, I even did her mom.

Tuesday marks the 30th anniversary of the May 18 1980 eruption of Mount ST Helens. I remember exactly where I was that day when the when the ash clouds from the eruption had turned the bright sky over the Eastern Washington city where I was working at that from day, into a pitch-black night. The day before the eruption, I had delivered a dealer exchange for a local car dealership, and I had to wait until the next day for the car that I was to return to the dealership. I had just left the dealership, and was on my way home with the second car, and I had only made it about 6 miles when the ash began to fall from the sky. So I turned around and headed back to the dealership for news and to get a case of air-filters.

When I arrived back at the dealership the scene was quite unnerving. some of the people were walking around almost like they were in a daze. I heard church bells ringing and some of the people were crying and praying – some must have thought the world was ending. Rather than deal with this bullshit; I slipped into the shop and secured my air filters, and then stole a box of breathing masks from the paint shop on my way out the door, and then I got back on the road as quick as I could, and then headed back for home again. It took me about 4 hours to make it my first 60 miles but, to both my surprise and delight I was quickly leaving the ash in my wake. In fact, I even turned around, and went back a few miles and collected some of the ash to show it to my friends at home – I drove a few more miles, and I was back in the realm of the living again.

This is one of the aspects of Christianity I find so appalling. These ignorant Christian preachers play off of other peoples fear for profit. And their followers are so brainwashed and ignorant, that they turn to their preachers in these matters and then totally ignore intelligent advice. Christianity is simply a cult of death; everything about it is about some one or another dying a horrible death – and to them this is a good thing?

Needless to say that all of those folks who remained on the Mountain before the May 18 eruption were never even heard from again - I guess they were all just testing they’re faith?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster; It could have been prevented:

Before they start screaming that no one could have foreseen an environmental disaster of this magnitude, which now threatens turning the entire gulf coast into an oily polluted wasteland and a marine dead-zone; let me first say, many of us did. Any type of oil exploration and drilling contains inherent risks and dangers. Most of the risks can be reasonably managed, when drilling on the earth’s surface; but these risks are greatly increase in offshore drilling – and can only be managed with any degree safety, when rules and regulations are first put in place, which put the interests of the commons above those of the oil companies and their profits – and this is why we must elect competent  leaders.

The events that caused this latest of environmental disasters; didn’t start with the April 20 explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon rig - it started when Gorge W. Bush was appointed as President in 2000. In the mid to late 90s, officials in the Clinton administration had drafted new regulations and laws, governing offshore oil exploration and drilling, both before and after Clinton had extended the moratorium on offshore oil drilling. The regulations in this draft were modeled on the same laws and safeguards that are enforced by every other nation on this planet, which is engaged in offshore oil drilling. However, G. W. Bush, and his newly appointed cabinet of brain-dead and incompetent, Christian university graduates, and deluded ignorant Christian idiots and morons; believed the laws just amounted to more government regulation and the interference in the private matter of business. And that the regulations and laws would just discourage private investment.

Then in 2003, under the pressure of the oil companies, the Bush administration further weakened the regulations and laws concerning the construction and operations of these offshore oil drilling rigs. The oil companies and their contractors complained that many of the required safety devices, would not increase safety, but would only complicate the construction, and increase the cost of building the oil-rigs. Bush agreed saying “it’s best to leave those decisions up to the experts, like myself, the ‘oil men’ who know how best to drill an oil well” (well he said something just as stupid, even if those weren’t his exact words).

One of those required safety devices, was a remote controlled blowout preventer, that with the other required safety equipment, would have automatically shut off the oil within minutes after the explosion had occurred – and if this device had been installed during the construction of this oil-rig; we would only be dealing with a few thousand gallons of oil, and not the millions of gallons of oil we’re now faced with today. Their main objection to this device and its supporting equipment, was that it would have added about 700,000 dollars to the cost of the construction, of each new oil-rig (a small price to pay for preventing an environmental disaster of this magnitude, you just might think?)

I was deeply sadden when this ignorant Christian moron, G. W. Bush, decided to expand offshore drilling for oil, this despite all the warnings of the dangers presented by scientists, that by him doing so, he would only be creating a disaster waiting to happen.

The biggest concerns I had back then was without direct government oversight, laws and regulations, and a real invested plan to quickly deal with these types of disasters; we would be betting the future of life as we know it here on our only planet, on those deluded Christians who are only concerned with Jesus, the rapture, and a deluded vision of an afterlife.

I was very disappointed when Obama caved into these ignorant mindless Christian morons in the GOP, who are led like ignorant-sheep, by the interests of corporate America, I hope that now he will grow some fucking balls, and enact a permanent ban on this madness, or at least reinstate the moratorium on new drilling, at least until all of the current safety issues have been properly addressed.

I can now only hope that the damage being caused by this disaster, will open the eyes of those ignorant Christians voters in the south, who’s only criterion in choosing their leadership, is that they be just as anti-science, deluded and ignorant as them, and only concerned about the here and now just like they are. But I believe it will only be a matter of time, before they start blaming Obama for this too; and then they’ll again support that ignorant Christian bitch, and the “drill baby drill” mentality.