Monday, May 17, 2010

The 30th Anniversary of the Mount ST Hellens Eruption; have we left the dark-ages, yet?

There are a few things that stand out in my mind about 1980; it was the year I bought my first video game, (an Atari 2600 console) and my first VHS video recorder. It was that same year that VCX inc. began releasing new high quality XXX porno movies in VHS format, and at about a rate of two movies per month – and it was the same year that I discovered that Christian girls, liked X-rated porn, even more than I did. I started thinking of the movies as training films. These slutty little Christian chicks would scream out “OH MY GOD” and “OH MY JESUS” so much while I was having sex with them; that I had started developing a messiah complex back then, even though my name has always been john. I was 19 in 1980, and life was good!

In the late 1970s, the geological activity here in the North West had started increasing greatly. Even The water in the hot-springs at the nudist camp where I would go and swim; had become so hot that you damn-near could have cooked lobsters in the water. Both of the major mountain ranges that border most of Washington state, which includes at least 3 dormant volcano’s were all experiencing dramatic increases in both seismic activity and steam venting. There was great concern among many of our states geologists, that some kind of a mass geological event might have been imminent. By late 1979 the talk of volcanic eruptions had began over shadowing almost everything else – and updates from the U.S. Geological Survey had become the focal point of the nightly news.

Then in the spring of 1980, and after the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Washington had reported that an eruption at least one of these dormant volcanos’s (Mount ST Helens) was almost certain; an emergency plan was enacted. This plan included the voluntary evacuation of the people living in the danger zones, including all of the people who were living on the mountain. Then on the day when the Governor of the State of Washington had issued an evacuation warning, and had ordered the states National Guard to assist in relocating those who were living in the danger-zones; some of these people were still refusing to leave. And refusing despite of the fact that the mountain was now producing many daily earthquakes, and the water in a nearby lake had begun to boil, and there were dead fish floating around everywhere on its surface. Many of these folks claimed that they had lived on this Mountain for all of their lives, and that they were Christians, and that Jesus would not let harm come to them or their families – while back here in Seattle, some of the preachers were saying “God” had been giving visions of the North West being totally destroyed by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and 700 foot high tidal waves. It almost seemed like they were in some kind of a competition of out doing each others fear mongering. Some were saying that the eruptions were needed to expand hell, so that all of the heathens in Seattle could fit without any difficulty. And some had started holding nightly prayer services, and telling their ignorant flock that all they needed was faith in Jesus, and they would go to heaven. And they were really raking in the big-bucks!

Most of the fearful ignorant Christians that I knew back then, including most of my Christian girlfriends, were real concerned over all of the bullshit that these preachers were saying. One girl’s mom had started making plans to leave the state because she was so afraid of what her preacher was saying; however no one in the scientific community was warning of this type of an event. However; one of my Christian girlfriends and her mom, seemed to be almost looking forward to this disaster. They were the types of Christians that you always see at funerals – the kind of Christians who are attracted to the suffering, pain and death of others; and just about the same way that a fly is attracted to shit. They seem to love death so much that if nobody that they knew had died in any given week; then they would simply open-up a news-paper, and then start searching the obituaries for some ones funeral to attend. It doesn’t really matter to this kind of Christian what kind of funeral it is – some poor kid might be simply putting their beloved pet to rest; but they’re still just as happy with any kind of sadness that involves death. They’re the kind of folks who stand around saying that some ones dead loved ones have gone to a better place (they went home to Jesus). Most of my Christian girlfriends, had decided to stop fornicating with me, so they could get closer to Jesus; but not this death loving Christian girl. That week she gave me all the wild and crazy sex that I had wanted – hell, I even did her mom.

Tuesday marks the 30th anniversary of the May 18 1980 eruption of Mount ST Helens. I remember exactly where I was that day when the when the ash clouds from the eruption had turned the bright sky over the Eastern Washington city where I was working at that from day, into a pitch-black night. The day before the eruption, I had delivered a dealer exchange for a local car dealership, and I had to wait until the next day for the car that I was to return to the dealership. I had just left the dealership, and was on my way home with the second car, and I had only made it about 6 miles when the ash began to fall from the sky. So I turned around and headed back to the dealership for news and to get a case of air-filters.

When I arrived back at the dealership the scene was quite unnerving. some of the people were walking around almost like they were in a daze. I heard church bells ringing and some of the people were crying and praying – some must have thought the world was ending. Rather than deal with this bullshit; I slipped into the shop and secured my air filters, and then stole a box of breathing masks from the paint shop on my way out the door, and then I got back on the road as quick as I could, and then headed back for home again. It took me about 4 hours to make it my first 60 miles but, to both my surprise and delight I was quickly leaving the ash in my wake. In fact, I even turned around, and went back a few miles and collected some of the ash to show it to my friends at home – I drove a few more miles, and I was back in the realm of the living again.

This is one of the aspects of Christianity I find so appalling. These ignorant Christian preachers play off of other peoples fear for profit. And their followers are so brainwashed and ignorant, that they turn to their preachers in these matters and then totally ignore intelligent advice. Christianity is simply a cult of death; everything about it is about some one or another dying a horrible death – and to them this is a good thing?

Needless to say that all of those folks who remained on the Mountain before the May 18 eruption were never even heard from again - I guess they were all just testing they’re faith?