Saturday, May 29, 2010

It’s Time to Send the Religious Bullshit Back into the Churches:

I awoke this morning thinking about a conversation that I had with my son a few weeks ago, and the part about the universe, and how big it is. He told me how grateful he was that I had spent so much time with him and his brothers, teaching them about science and cosmology. He said that when he entered collage as a student of science; that he was already way ahead of most of his fellow classmates – but the one thing that I had failed at in getting him to understand, was just how vast the universe actually is. As I looked into my son’s bright star-struck eye’s he said that it was so damn petty and selfish, just how the religious people believe that their God made all of this, just so that he could put all of us humans, on a tiny speck of it called earth. Then leave us all alone, to fight over each other’s God delusions, and just so he can pick a few of us, to join him in a place called heaven. He then said that after completing the first years of their education, none of his Christian peers were still buying the religious bullshit either. He told me many stories about other students that he knew, and how they had found enlightenment. One such story was of a catholic student, whose religious upbringing nearly caused her to have a mental breakdown, when she realized that everything that she had been told by the church about life and the universe; had all just been a big load of fucking bullshit. And in her 3ed year of study, how she proclaimed herself as an atheist to him – and if I was reading correctly between the lines; I believe he thinks he’s found his soul-mate.

He told me that in most of the secular Europe countries, where he’s both worked and studied, that the kind of religious bullshit that we deal with here is not tolerated. And not tolerated even in Great Britain where the government, even provides partial funding of private religious schools (here in the U.S. we have those ignorant Christians down there in Texas, who are trying to set the teaching curriculum for the rest of the nation). He said that in most of the places that he’s been in Europe, people still have the rights to be just as stupid and ignorant as they please. But those people don’t get to dictate public policies based on their deluded beliefs; and the people there wonder just why, we here in the U.S. have allowed our nation, to be dragged down into a Christian cesspool of ignorance (the Bush years, were our darkest days).

His stories serve both to remind me of just how small minded and petty, ignorant religious people are; and why we as rational people, we must take a stance, and begin fighting to rid all levels of our government of this deluded religious, superstition and nonsense - and then take back our nation as the secular one that our Founding Fathers had intended it to be – lest we become just another nation of ignorant warmongering, and death loving Christian morons. We must stop these petty little small minded ignorant people, who polices are destroying our planet, from having any say in the decisions of our government – be it either at the state or the federal level; this is simply a church/state issue, and a very important one to our own survival. These people don’t care about the state of our planet; to them, this is only the first stop on their way to heaven – I simply want a place where my grandchildren and their future children can live, and live within reality, and the only place where we currently have to live our lives, is our home here on earth.

I don’t know about any of you, but even with all of its other problems, the U.K. sure sound like a much nicer place to live!