Monday, November 14, 2011

Ass-Clown Michele Bachmann:

Last night during the Republican debate, Michele Bachmann was asked which social programs she would cut if she became president. She responded:” I would like to go back and look at Lyndon B. Johnson’s, the Great Society.” She went on to say that the Great Society hasn’t worked, and it has put us into a modern welfare state – “if you look at China, they don’t have food stamps, and people save for their own retirement security, they don’t have AFDC, they don’t have the modern welfare state, and they’re growing.” Michele Bachmann, said???

I just find it astounding that someone as profoundly ignorant, uneducated and just plain stupid as Michele Bachmann was even elected to public office. I wonder if this ignorant idiot understands that food stamps, and the over $250,000 in farm subsidies that she received between 1995 and 2006, are all a part of the same program that she wants to cut (you hypocritical bitch).

Yes China does not have Aid for Depended Children or a food stamp program, Bachmann; however, China is a communist nation with a socialized government. And the vast majority of the workers, don’t make enough money to save for their own anything – and least of which, retirement, and they don’t have too – the government takes care of their basic needs, and their children also help support the parents when they get old as well – and this is why most couples want boys – and because of the one child law, some even kill the girls at birth. And yes Bachmann, China is in fact growing, and they’re growing mainly because of cheap labor, and free prison labor, currency manipulation and unfair trade policies, and a whole host of other reasons.

And both Bachmann and her anti-gay, gay-hating, gay husband both claim to be Christians? I wonder just what it is about the part about feeding the poor that “jesus” “said,” that they just don’t seem to understand.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Herman Cain is also the Sarah Palin’s brother from another mother:

Last night as I was watching the Republican debate and listening to these ass-clowns, trying to come up with coherent answers for simple questions on subjects that one would think that any candidate running for a chance at beating Obama in 2012, and winning the highest office in the land, would have at least taken the time to learn what the facts behind the real issues actually are?

Besides learning that the current frontrunners in this race to the bottom in this cesspool of stupidity and ignorance, both support the use of torture ("enhanced interrogation"), and Herman Cain (the Herman Cain who has said that one of his main priorities in his policy in dealing with China, would be preventing China from developing a nuclear weapon) now wants a clear objective for victory in both of the current wars being fought in the Middle East, and before we even start thinking about bringing our military personal home – sorry Herman, but you’re about 10 years late on the Middle Eastern wars, and almost 50 years late on China. And it also became very clear last night, that Herman Cain doesn’t know jack-shit about the Middle East, or about the different types of religious ideologue, and the direct effect that it has on the politics: however, Cain seems to have developed a new strategy when confronted with questions that he has no fucking clue how to answer – he simply resorts to spewing pretentious rhetoric – this became obvious last night, when he was trying to answer questions about Pakistan and Iran, and even so obvious, that even that cretin from Texas (Governor Rick Perry) looked over at him with a stunned look on his face – like wow, this guy’s even stupider than I am.

Last night’s debate took me back to the day when I heard Sarah Palin’s response to Barbara Walters’ question about if she thought that she could beat Obama in 2012, and Palin responded: “I believe so.” However, I believe Palin soon realized that she had no chance of beating Obama in 2012, or even wining the Republican nomination. So she simply decided to capitalize on her 15 minutes “fame.” Much like Newt Gingrich has been doing all along – the reality is that Gingrich has just a few too many skeletons in his closet to survive a race against Obama and win the White House – and I believe that when the door to Herman Cain’s closet is finally opened, that we’re going to find a whole fucking cemetery in his closet, and complete with an assortment of bats and ravens! And then there’s the fact that Herman Cain is also a lying psychopath:

WASHINGTON (October 10, 2011)—GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain said Monday he didn't want to run for president, but God called him to join the race.

The Republican candidate told CBN News that's why he believes "God's been in this from the beginning."

Cain said that when he felt God calling him to run for president, he resisted just as Moses did after being called by God to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt.

Like Moses, Cain says he told God, "You've got the wrong person. You can't be talking about me."

Cain told CBN News that it took a lot of those "conversations with God" to overcome his reluctance to seek the presidency.

So what about the other current candidates?

Mitt Romney: he is willing to say or do almost anything that will win him points with Christian conservatives. He has already changed his positions on almost everything he stood for when he was the Governor of Massachusetts; like women’s rights, and the abortion issue; health care, and a whole host of other issues as well – and personally, I believe he would even try and change his brand of religious delusion, if he truly believed that would get him into the White House – but conservative Christians, and most of the other Christian-nuts, simply will not vote for a Mormon.

Rick Perry: he will for sure win the support of the “Religious Right,” and most of those delusional and ignorant Christian-nuts in the Deep South, but I don’t believe that most of the other Christians will support this cretin in the general election, nor will the “swing voters.” And Obama would quickly lay his ignorant and delusional, psychotic ass to waste in the debates.

I know that a lot can happen between now and the Presidential Election – but I will say it would be a safe bet that Obama will easily win his second term as President.