Friday, October 29, 2010

My dog from “hell”

                This photo is not a photo of the actual dog in my post, I found this photo on the net.  

I have known for several months now that our children had purchased a Basset Hound puppy for their mom; however, I only found out why they had given her the puppy a few days ago. Years ago, I bought her a Jack Russell Terrier pup. When she had seen this pup in the pet store, and she simply fell in love with this dog. So I paid for him, and we took him home. For the first few days, he wouldn’t even get out of his box, other than to use the news paper to do his thing (I thought, what a smart dog, he’s already well on his way to being house trained). He cried for almost a week, I guessed that he missed his brothers and sisters back at the pet store. At first this dog was very antisocial to say the least – then one night he walked into the living room, went over to our son, wagging his tail, and acting like that they were long lost friends, who hadn’t seen each other in years. Our son, ten years old at the time, instantly falling in love with this cute little pup (I guess it was all of the doggie kisses).

This dog didn’t even have to be house trained; he would just go to the door and bark when he needed to go. I noticed that this dog had began developing a different manor of behavior with all of us, he knew which one of our children was the most likely to play fetch the ball with him, and which one was likely to give him a treat – I had a few lap-dogs in the past; however, none of them demanded all of the attention that this dog was demanding.

Then at about 10 months of age, this dog went nuts. Whenever we we’re all at home together, this dog became the center of attention – this was the most hyper dog that I had ever seen; and he always had something to bark about – our children found this cute at first, but it soon got old. When the kids left home for school, he would stand at the window next to door, jump into the air and bark. He would do this most of the day until the children returned home, then the first thing that he would do was come running with his ball- he would even nip at them to get their attention – this dog simply loved to play – he had went from being a family dog, to a dog simply having a family to terrorize. As he got older, he began to mellow out somewhat as well – at about age 7, he was only about half as bad.

When our children had told me that they were getting their mom another Jack Russell pup; I told them that I didn’t believe that their mom would be very happy about that. So we start talking about other kinds of lap-dog breeds – I told them about a friend’s beagles and how nutty that they were, and about my friends basset hound and how she’s the coolest house dog that I have ever met; so they decided on a Basset Hound pup – she instantly fell in love with her new pup

Then a few days ago, my son who lives part of the year out of the country, in an apartment that he shares with his brother, told me that their mom had started coming over to visit them. Sometimes spending at least a week out of every month – she thought that they were getting to thin, so she started cooking and cleaning for them, my son said, this was very embarrassing when his girlfriend would come over, and his mom would be folding his underwear - he said his mom was ruining his sex life as well – so they got her the puppy in hopes that she might just get the message, that their not ten anymore - I just thought that this was kind of funny.