Thursday, October 21, 2010

An open letter to my Christian friend:

I had one of the weirdest things happen the other day, I had this Christian get in my face and start telling me just how wrong I am about religion, including “jesus.” I don’t remember even talking with this guy before, other than maybe saying hello, or something like that. He told me that I need to stop saying things like: “a ghost raped a girl and made jesus.” He also told me that I better start reading the bible before its too late. He went on and on – about the time when I was about to give this Christian a real piece of my mind, I realized that he must have been reading my blog – I only talk about religious issues with my atheist friends.

So look here Christian, you don’t know anything about me. First, I have written hundreds of stories and posted them on my WEB site back in the 90s, and back then, I used to get more shit from atheists, than I would get from Christians, and over my defense of people’s rights to practice whatever religion that they choose - as a progressive and an atheist, if your religious rights and freedoms come under attack, I’ll be right there with you in the trenches, and fighting with you, not against you. And you wrongly stated that I hate Christians, I don’t! My attitude about what I write, did in fact change after I was in a situation back in 2002 – I was in a drug treatment program, and trying to get my life back on track; while an ignorant fucking Christian moron, was trying to convert me to Christianity, so he could then claim me, as some kind of fucking prize – and after I had exposed what had happened to me, these ignorant fucking morons went on a campaign of hate against me and my friends. These sick fucking morons, were trying to destroy me, and my family, and as a consequence, I still haven’t moved back home with my family; I thought it would be better that I limit the time that I spent with my family, rather than to bring this bullshit home to them – if this had happened to you Mr. Christian, you would be a little pissed off too.

I started blogging as a way to help me recover from all the persecution from these ignorant fucking Christians, and to help me recover my writing skills - and I lost them, along with most of my other memories back in 2000 – today I believe my memory, is about 80% recovered, and I am reading and writing at about 65% of where I was back in the 1990s – so I would guess that it’s working. And Mr. Christian, if you want to know the truth about all of the fucking lies that those ignorant folks have told you about me, simply ask me.

And no, I’m not going to “tone down” the way I write, if you don’t like what you read here, no one’s asking you to come here in the first place – and talk to me yourself, and stop believing all that stuff that my ignorant Christian fan-club is telling you, (pack of fucking liars) and come back and talk to me, my friend.

I was just wondering if anything like this has ever happened to you, and how would you handle something like this, if this happened to you?