Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time is only relevant within our frame of reference:

Every since I dove head first into theoretical science; I have had this fascination with the possibilities of time travel, and changing the outcomes of past and present events – for example, what would happen if we traveled back in time to the Middle East, let’s say to about 3500-BC; and built a city that was based on our current technology, and with all of the present knowledge and understanding of science that we have today- one could only imagine just how much further advanced in science we’d be today.

I have always wondered just how things might be different today, if at the time in our past when both Arabs and Jews were making major advancements in both math and the understanding of the world through science – just how different things might be today, if Judaism and Islam had never even been in the equation. What would the world look like today if the Egyptians had advanced science, while leaving behind superstition and religion? And without all of this other deluded nonsense, would Christianity have even evolved?

Over the past 25 years or so, I have pondered many of these questions and a lot more of them as well. I have written many stories about what our world might look like today if we had left our superstitious-religious ignorance behind us (some just for fun). In some of these stories, I have contemplated what might have happen if the Jews never had a competing religion – would the rest of the world have simply followed a more cohesive version of religion based solely on the Jewish mythology? Or would most of the Jews have simply found enlightenment much sooner and began working together with everyone else in making the world a better place for all?