Monday, March 1, 2010

The Universe: if God didn’t create it, who did?

I hear this question asked time after time in debates and in arguments between atheists and Christians. The premise of this question makes the assumption that everything within the framework of reality must have had a creator, and therefore, everything in the Universe must the creation of its own will. You will always hear them making assumptions like the watchmaker argument, or that 747 planes, don’t assembly themselves out of old parts in a scrap yard during a windstorms; they both have a designer, and were created by someone – so everything in the Universe must have a designer and creator also. This is a complete fallacy on so many different levels. We have many different examples of man-made planes and watches, and have no doubt as to their origins. We see in nature, all sorts of random and complex designs; from the random formation of crystals in snowflakes, to the uniqueness of our own fingerprints.
The main problems with these types of arguments are that we fully understand how planes and watches are designed and made; and we have many different designs of which, to compare. And therefore, we know, they’re all man-made. But in the case of the Universe, because we have no other Universe by which to observe, and compare to our own; we simply cannot make the same assumptions that it also must have a designer and creator. That would be like saying that no complex structures in nature can be created randomly; so we must then have cloud-pixies designing the crystals in each individual snowflake.
The fact is that only through science have we been able to gain any insight into these questions. And due to the fact, that just until recently, the church had held such an intense stranglehold on science and exploration; that we are now just beginning to gain the knowledge and understanding that we need, to begin to start answering these questions.
I often wonder, just how far general science would have advanced by now, and just how much further all the sciences would have advanced by now, including the science and our understanding of cosmology; if those who were working in the fields of science back then, hadn’t been forced to confine their research and their theories, within the views and the dogmas of the church. I think about, just how many children have been born over the past 400 years or so; who may have had the potential to become great scientists, but instead of being encouraged to strive and to learn, the reality of the natural world; but they only had their minds polluted with religious insanity and delusion, instead.

And I find it most appalling that after all the detriment to science that the churches have done in our resent past; in trying to legitimize their fairytales and myths as truths, and in silencing anyone or anything, with an opposing view, and even their willing to murder people by burning them at the stake, to keep their followers in the dark, and ignorant to the real truth – that today; we have so many who simply wish to keep their fucking heads stuck the sand, and remain ignorant and  ignore the reality of what’s been gained through the advancements in our understanding of science and the world around us. But have no problem using the same products of science to further their own ignorant agendas. 
Give it up Christians, real science doesn’t prove, that any of that deluded tripe written in the bible is true; it does, however, prove most of it, is at best false. And science was not created by god; both science and god were created by man – and the only real truth is in science; not in “god.”

You may be trying to lead yourselves and other Christians, even your own children back to the dark-ages; but we’re not going there, with you!