Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are Black Children, Becoming an Endangered Species?

It’s hard to understand, why Christians love the misery, pain and suffering of others so much; other than the fact, that that’s what Christianity is based on. When they try to convert you, most often they will say” Jesus’ loves you, he suffered all that pain on the cross and died for you, why won’t you just accept him.” Some, while telling you this sick made up story, seem to get so worked up; that they seem like, its  sexually arousing to them, and in the end, they act like they just had, some kind of a dead-Jesus-storytelling, sadistic orgasm. Their whole Jesus dying for me, because he loves me story, just makes me fucking sick. But this is the warped and deluded mindset of most Christians, and this is why I believe, they want to take away a woman’s reproductive rights, and end legal abortion in this nation. They want more unwanted babies born, so there will be more neglected, abused, and abandon children in the world. Why else would they want to force a woman to give birth to an unwanted child?

It’s clear they don’t care about the quality of life for these children; none of these emotional anti-abortion campaigns we see, even begin to address the issues of why a woman seeks to have an abortion in the first place. Like the issues of poverty, lack of real sex-education, or the fact that some just aren’t ready to become parents. This is all about control, the same kind of control, which most other types of sadists, also try to exert on others.

In their latest of these campaigns, which I find extremely appalling is the fact they’re targeting the poorest of the poor in our nation, and with an ideology, that the black race is fast becoming an endangered species, because of abortion, so rather than risk becoming extinct, so just go ahead, and fuck yourselves, right into desperate poverty. They offer not even a hint, of any other means of birth control, or means of improving, what’s being taught as sex-education in the schools. And the only thing they are offering is more abstinence talk. Abstinence only sex-education, has been a complete and utter failure. Humans are sexual in nature, and when they tell children, when they start getting horny, just stop and think about Jesus; most of the sadistic little Christians, will start imagining Jesus hanging on that fucking cross, and all that pain he suffered for them, and then even become, even more aroused.

For whatever the reasons; abstinence only sex-education is a complete failure, and is not going to solve this problem. But one must ask why every time Christians try to solve a problem, they only end up making it worse. I only wish they could start seeing this for themselves