Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Sun God – our Father in Heaven:

I am a Sun-God theist of sorts; I don’t worship the sun, but I believe it’s actually, a hell of a lot more God-like, than the “god” in the bible. In fact, our Sun-God has a real father in heaven.

This is based on a theory which postulates, that sometime after the big-bang, and as energy was converted into matter, which then produced the first elements (the food for the gods) which were hydrogen, and small amounts of helium. These elements then combined to form super massive stars. This is believed to be the way most galaxies were formed, including our own galaxy. These massive stars were highly unstable, and very short-lived; and it is believed, that they died in a super massive explosion, that spewed out new elements and matter, that then became trapped by its own gravity, after its core had collapsed, and created a black-hole.

This new matter would then coalesce and form smaller, but more stable stars, including our own sun. All of the planets, comets and asteroids, and most everything else in our solar system; was created in the birth of our sun. And all the elements, which makeup the atoms, of which all life on this planet are comprised of, were all made in the birth, life, and death of those stars.

When a Christian asks me, if I don’t believe in “god,” then who do you think made you? I simply tell them; that we were all made from stars; and the fact is that our sun has a father in heaven (the proto-star, which created our galaxy, in its death) that died so we could live. This in turn, allowed all life on this planet to begin. And I tell them, that in essences; we are all just made from the shit that stars vomited-up, eons ago while dying.

In our quests to understand the meaning of life, and how we and everything else came into being; we can only look to science to find the truths. Science has, and will always strive to increase our base of knowledge. And only through gaining a better understanding, of how things came into being; will we be able understand these questions, and find the true answers.

Could it be that most people know, that they can’t handle truth; and is this why they feel so comfortable believing myths, and fairytale stories, or did the reality, of the religious horrors, that they faced as children, of burning, roasting, and rotting in hell forever, leave them so mentally challenged and fearful, that they just won’t even consider, other possibilities?