Thursday, March 11, 2010

What has religion contributed to science and technology?

One thing that pisses me off more than anything else is when I hear some ignorant preacher claiming that the reason this nation is so technologically advanced is because of “god’s” blessing; when in reality the fact is, these same deluded-ignorant idiots and morons, preach against anything and everything in science, which proves the “facts” in the bible to be wrong. The truth in this matter is we as a nation, only began to be able to develop the sciences and technologies we have today, only after we separated from the oppressive church – and only then were enlightened people able pursue new ideas in science and in technologies, and without the fear of being burned-alive at the stake. The fact is the church; Christianity, “god” and religion, have contributed absolutely nothing to this process – and in defense of their asinine claims, they will try and start cherry-picking science, just like they cherry-pick the bible; however, doing this with science, only makes them look silly and stupid in the eyes of intelligent people.

They try to claim that all our technological advancements were inspired by “god,” when the fact is over 90% of our greatest inventers were non believers or atheists. Albert Einstein, who laid the foundations of modern physics, was appalled by the notion of the Christian god playing such games as in the bible, and at the same time being credited for creating the universe. Men like Thomas Edison, an outspoken atheist, who contributed so much to advance this nation, and the whole world for that matter, in a technologically direction; wasn’t inspired by the fucking bible either. Men like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, who have done more to connect the world than any others are not Christians; they’re both atheists.

In reality what this all boils down to is the fact that “god” and Christianity, has contributed absolutely nothing to our modern concepts and technologies. The fact is that you won’t hear most scientist, thanking god or Jeebus for their latest scientific breakthrough; is because well over 90% of them are non-believers and atheists.      

I believe that we in the rational community have an obligation to set the record straight in these matters; this is the wrong message to be sending to our children  – for if we let the ideas that religion and science can co-mingle  within the same realm of reality; we’ll all be led straight back to the dark-ages!