Friday, March 11, 2011

Is there a gene for stupidity?

Can someone believe that a cosmic ghost, impregnated a young virgin girl with his son (or impregnated the young girl with himself, depending on which brand of this deluded story that one subscribes), and still be logical and reasonable in other facets of their lives?

I first asked this question in an article that I posted back in the 1990s, after reading a story about a child who had died, because their Christian parents had placed their faith in “jesus,” instead of seeking medical care for their sick child – and after seeing the interview of the parents, and seeing just how ignorant and deluded that they were, I also wrote in the same article, that I wouldn’t even expect that people who live that far from reality, to be logical and reasonable, in any other facets of their lives either.

It only took about 15 minutes after I had posted the article, before the death threats started pouring into my website, along with the comments from many other Christians, proclaiming that not all Christians are as stupid as those Christian parents, in the case of their sick child. I believed at the time, that most of these Christian readers, simply had thought that I was making these statements about all Christians in general – and I was not; and I had even posted another article, further explaining my position, and where I was coming from with my post, and asking them, why they were just attacking me, and not even addressing the real issue of my post – and then the subject of most of the comments changed. Most started defending the parent’s rights to do whatever they thought was best for their child, and that it was none of my fucking business, how Christian parents raise their children.

The main point of my second post on this subject, was the question why is it that most Christians, are so unwilling to criticize any behavior which is labeled as being Christian, and even when that behavior, results in the death of a child. Some of these folks, even tried to convince me, that the child’s death had nothing to do with the actions of the parents, or that it was simply the will of “god” (I wondered why they would believe that a “god,” would want a child to be born, just so they can develop diabetes, and then die because the parents refused medical treatment for the child – that’s god’s will – WTF!!!). I had even started wondering, if I had somehow failed to clearly make the point, that the only reason that this child was dead, was because of the actions of the parents – I even asked my friends, if they could understand the point that I was making; they all said that my point was clear as daylight, and that they had no problem understanding that the actions of the parents, had caused the death of this child.

Could it be that some Christians, simply, really don’t live within the same realm of reality as most of us do? In my worldview, and in the reality in which I live, snakes and asses don’t talk, and young virgin girls, don’t give birth to babies, and the dead don’t rise; however, most often when you confront Christians as to why they believe as truth, such silly and utter nonsense, instead of simply answering, most try and convince you, that you are simply misunderstanding these issues; and this is one of the facets of this mind-virus, that I find the most appalling – some Christians, will even spend hours trying to convince you, that you just don’t understand the meaning of all of those horrible stories, which are written in the bible – like the one when their “god,” “flooded” the earth, and then murdered all of those innocent men, women and children; they even tell this horrible, sick and morbid story to little children, and paint it as being warm and fuzzy, and they try and convince you, that you just don’t understand the story.

We all know that the Tea Party, is filled to the rafters with ignorant and deluded, uneducated and just plain stupid idiots and morons, and one only needs to look at the party’s leadership, to fully understand why the Tea Party, is the party of stupid.

In the following video, Tea Party spokesperson, and devout Christian Michele Bachmann, demonstrates again that she doesn’t know jack-shit about American history, or anything else for that matter – and when Tea Party strategist Sal Russo, is asked to explain just what in the hell this ignorant moron was talking about, and why the Tea Party picked someone as stupid and ignorant as Bachmann for their spokesperson, he simply spins around, and then starts talking out of his ass, and trying to convince the host, that she was talking about government spending? This is sort of what I was saying that most Christians do, when confronted about just how insane their beliefs are – they simply spin around, and start talking out of their ass, while trying to convince you, of your ignorance.