Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jesus will be “returning” on May 21 2011 – Run for the hills!!!!

I have struggled for years, while trying to understand just why Christians are so obsessed with this paranoid notion of the end times, and why they look forward to the total destruction of the earth and mankind as we know it, and with such joy and glee. I was only a young child the first time when I heard one of these deluded and psychotic Christian morons, preaching that jesus will return on a date that he was given in some kind of dream or prophetic vision, and he would only reveal the date of jesus’ return, to those who sold everything that they owned, then gave him the money, so that he could build an underground bunker, somewhere in the side of a mountain, where they would all be safe from the earthquakes and the 900 foot tidal waves which would precede jesus’ second coming – I don’t know just how many of the people he had convinced of this total bullshit that night, although he had been traveling all around the country, and he had been preaching this bullshit in rented halls and churches for at least a few months, and he had quite a large following by the time he had made it to Seattle.

Omaha billboards herald Jesus' return in May

From the Washington Post:

OMAHA, Neb. -- A Christian group is proclaiming Jesus' return in billboards going up in Omaha and other U.S. cities for the holiday season.

Allison Warden, of We Can Know, says an analysis of Scripture shows Jesus will come on May 21. She says the billboards showing three wise men following the star of Bethlehem are meant to spur the public's interest in the Bible, not frighten anyone.

Warden says the billboards have gone up in Omaha and Nashville, Tenn. She says they're also going up in Atlanta, Bridgeport, Conn.; Detroit; Fort Wayne, Ind.; Kansas City, Mo.; Little Rock, Ark.; Louisville, Ky.; and St. Louis. They'll be up for December.

We Can Know offers resources to learn about the coming of Jesus and the end of days through its website,

This latest of Christian ignorance and delusion, took me back to the time when a local preacher had told his ignorant flock, that jesus would be returning that year, and on July 2ed – most of the little christ-tards that I knew back then, who were around my same age, (about 13 years of age, or so) were asking me if I was going to repent and accept jesus now that it was certain (per the word of this deluded-preacher) that jesus was coming back on the 2ed of July, and they told me if I didn’t repent and accept jesus, that I would burn in hell forever – I simply told them that the only thing that I would be burning that week in July would be fireworks – they all got mad as hell. They even said things like: “I hope the devil burns you real-good, and that you suffer more pain in hell, than the pain of all the other heathens combined.” – don’t you just love Christians?