Thursday, December 23, 2010

"In god we trust" – and in ignorance they live:

I started following the story about the nativity scene, and the sign placed next to it by the Freedom From Religion Foundation in the Mississippi State Capitol that Vjack had posted about today over at Atheist Revolution. Then as I was following the links to the story, I started reading some of the comments left by readers at WLBT3 news in Jackson MS. There is absolutely, not anything in which those who carry the Christian mind-virus can say or do, that surprises me anymore; I believe that we all have heard most of their deluded nonsense many times before – but still, I just find the level of willful ignorance in Christians, just astounding.

Mskathy wrote:

“America was founded on "In God We Trust." We need to stand up for our beliefs and our God. We should not allow other states or people to contradict our beliefs or to tell us how we should believe. If they do not like what Mississippians believe or feel toward our God then they should go home. We did not ask them to come here in the first place. My God is awesome!!!!! Lets stop this destruction now and for all.”

Well, just for your information Mskathy, the state of Mississippi receives a lot of my tax dollars, and I don’t want one single penny of it spent in anyway for prompting your delusion – and by the way, you won’t find the word “god,” in any of the founding documents either, and the printing of “in god we trust” on our money, didn’t come about until the mid-1950s.

Navy_Dad wrote:

“How long will this county that was built on the phrase "In God We Trust" continue down this road of destruction, this truly is the greatest country on earth and because of those four simple words!!!!”

Normanandholly wrote:

“Oh my what we has happened to us as a State and a Nation. America was founded on God we Trust. We allow a group from another state to come in and delare that there is no God and now they have the right to place a sign up in our captial buliding. I wonder is there a sign in thier captial building declaring that there is a GOD. It is time for us to put our principles to work. Do let other speak for you. Silence has gotten us nowhere.”

“Silence has gotten us nowhere.”

Since when have these deluded morons ever been silent about anything which concerns their delusion?

realAmerican wrote:

“Technically, the "holiday season" starts with Thanksgiving and lasts until New Year's and encompasses all the celebrations in between. That includes Kwanzaa and Chanukah and any other holiday that may fall in that time period.

The truth is that Christmas is just about as an American holiday as you can think of. The vast majority of us do celebrate it, whether in a religious or non-religious manner. The Nativity is part of the religious side of Christmas. Yes, the Winter Solstice was the original celebration for this time of year. However, for all you Atheists, that is/was a RELIGIOUS celebration.

As for the group calling themselves "Freedom from Religion Foundation," maybe they need to reread the First Amendment to the Constitution. It says freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.

You don't believe in God, fine, that is your right, but do not think for one minute that Atheism is not a religion. It's just a religion without any entity to worship.”

By the way, what are you people afraid of? Do you think that you or your children will be automatically converted to "our way of thinking" if you set eyes on a religious symbol? Are you THAT unsure of your beliefs, or lack thereof?”

Man, realAmerican makes my head hurt – no, realAmerican makes my asshole hurt! The level of willful ignorance, stupidity and delusion is just astounding in these morons. I am really starting to believe that these deluded Christian-morons, must believe that they have some “god” and state given right, to torment all of us nonbelievers with their Christian bullshit – where in the Constitution does it say, that as an atheist, I have no freedom from religion, or is this deluded moron just saying that I only have the freedom of choosing a religion?

One having no belief in god(s) is about as much of a religion, as not being a stamp collector makes someone religious. And I just don’t understand their believing that we fear something about Christianity; and there is absolutely nothing within Christianity, that’s going to change my mind or the minds of my children about the reality of this deluded mind-virus – I have no fear whatsoever of this deluded Christian myth, I only have concerns because of how this mind-rotting virus of delusion, and willful ignorance and stupidity, causes those silly people to act.

These people can believe all of their silly and delude nonsense, until the cows come home, but it still won’t make any of it true – and yes, I do have the right to live my life within reality, and they have the right to be just as uneducated, and ignorant of reality as they choose – just don’t make me support your ignorance and stupidity, with my tax dollars!