Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why is jesus missing:

As I was watching this video, I really started to understand, for the first time just why our children just love the secular Europe countries, where they have lived and went to school. In this video, a large racially diverse group of young children and young adults, simply came together and did something real cool. Then after they finish singing and some of them are being interviewed, of sorts – you find something missing – where is all of the christ-speak - and thanking “jesus,” and praising the “lord”?

These deluded Christian idiots and morons here in the states, can’t even play a football game without bringing all of their deluded Christian-bullshit to the game, and some even have to paint bible bullshit on their face – they thank their “lord” when they make a touchdown, or when they win the game, but where was they fucking “lord,” when the 1000s of poor children died while they played their fucking game?

I simply love this video – you see so much pride and joy on the faces of these children and young adults, and my hats off big-time to the Director!!!