Saturday, December 4, 2010

Important!! Urgent!! Warning from Jesus!! Prophecy:

This poor deluded kid in this video has some real serious mental health issues – he believes that “jesus” is talking to him, and at 5 am in the morning even – “jesus” awoke this little twerp at 5 am in the morning, just so he could rant to him, about just how disappointed he is that people here on earth, just don’t seem to appreciate all of that pain that he suffered for them, and that they don’t love him enough either (like one of those late night calls that you get from a drunk friend). And that they believe in the big bang? And all of that science stuff is simply from Satan? And “jesus,” didn’t even seem to care that the poor little twerp, needed his rest because he would be getting ready for church soon.

When I was this kid’s age, at 5 am in the morning, I would be fast asleep, and dreaming about the girls that I wanted to do – and if some fucking cosmic ghost had woke me up at 5 am, and talking that kind of deluded bullshit to me, I would have given him a real piece of my mind – and if this would had happened more than once, I would have sought psychiatric help, and with the quickness as well – one can only hope that this kid gets the help that he needs.