Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My position on 26, god(s) and reality - and my respect of those who don’t respect me

I have always been a skeptic, even as a young child. When someone would tell me something that just didn’t seem to reside within our everyday realm of reality - I wouldn’t even make snap judgments, I would simply ask them for proof. And even if that person couldn’t provide any evidence at the time for backing up their claims, then I just might have even research the subject myself. However, if I felt that what they were claiming didn’t have any relevance to me anyway, then I would simply dismiss the subject and move on.

But by the time that I was in my 20s, and I had heard so much utter tripe and deluded bullshit, that I had just reach a point in my life, where I just wasn’t even open, to even entertaining any of the extraordinary claims made by others, and of those who presented them to me, and without even one shard of proof. I had already heard most of the cons before, like the “pyramid schemes,” and most of the other kinds of outright fraud. And I often wondered just how anyone could be so gullible, as to fall for any of those old tricks again. I had heard the claims of those pushing the diet pills, and the pills that they claimed, would enlarge the size of a man’s penis – someone can believe as hard as they like, that if they take a pill, which is “only sold on TV,” that it will cause them to drop 60 pounds, and even believe that they will lose the pounds, while they simply sit on their big fat ass, and eat and watch TV, or that if they believe, that by simply taking a pill, that it will add inches to the size of their penis – just because they believe that it will happen, simply isn’t going to make it happen - that is simply ignorant and deluded. They have simply bought into a world of magic realism. One can buy into the world of magical thinking and believing if they choose, and follow on blind faith anything that they like – but don’t even ask me, for my respect of your silly and deluded childlike beliefs - - as my intellect simply prevents me from feeding your delusion.

When Christians and other religious people, start telling me that I should respect their beliefs, and that I should respect their beliefs, simply because that’s what they have chosen to believe; I ask myself, why should I respect a belief, which is based on nothing more than magical realism, (simply pretending that something is real, doesn’t make it real) why should I have any respect for anything of which there is absolutely no evidence, that can even begin to provide any essence of truth whatsoever – when in reality, what they’re really asking me for, is my accepting, and then submitting to their deluded and ignorant worldview – there is a big difference between having respect for a person, and having respect for what they just happen to believe in – and anyone who demands that I respect something that they believe, and simply because they believe it, then I simply can’t have any respect for that person either. And what this all really comes down to, is I’m not going to change my worldview, just so I can garner respect for the delusion of yours - when in reality, you have absolutely no respect for my worldview at all, and you even believe that mine is evil – so in the end, I will simply choose to keep my intellect, and you can take your faith, and then shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!