Thursday, April 8, 2010

Christian Silliness; and all other things Christian:

One of the things that I find most fascinating about Christians and their deluded beliefs; is the fact that it doesn’t matter just how asinine, stupid and ignorant something is; it’s still ok with them, just as long as its branded as being Christian. You see this in church when someone goes into convulsions, and starts blathering on and talking in an unintelligent or insane manner; that’s ok – he’s just feeling the “holy-spirit.” And then it seems that the bat-shit crazier that someone is acting; the more that they all seem approve of it.

I often wondered why Christians believed it is ok to take a child to church, where people are acting and behaving in such an insane manor. Where people are all talking to themselves (praying) – where they all talk to their food, before eating it (saying grace). Where they all believe, that they all have a space-daddy, who watches over them from the sky -– but if that were the case; why go to church in the first place?

If I was just as delusional as them; I would wonder why my space-daddy, would want me to behave so irrational. And is this the example that we should be making for our children?

These children then grow-up being stupid adults – how else could someone like Kerney Thomas, make a living by acting so stupid – he’s just being Christian; so it’s still just ok with them?