Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Are there really any true Christians?

Real Christians VS true Christians, OR are they all ‘pretend’ Christians? I used to get confused over this subject, but then I realized that all one has to do, is to pull one’s self back from the core of this argument to see the truth - all of them are true Christians; if only because of the fact, that they have all based their lives around absolutely nothing. Superstition, ignorance and fear, are not reasonable alternatives to living a rational life. All of these people in one way or another; have all been lead down the path of make-believe and delusion. The real nature of a “true Christian,” only exists within one’s mind – as the fact is that no one has ever offered any current empirical proof for the first cause of Christianity, or any other brand of faith, for that matter.

With all the magic and miracles, in which all of these deluded brands of faith are based on; if any had any real essences of truth contained within them, then we’d all know what a true Christian looked like, when we saw one. They would be raising the dead, live on television, and in the presence of real doctors, who would say: “yep, that guy was definitely dead a week ago when I first saw him – and look now, thanks to Jesus, he’s alive again!”

The fact is no Christian can be any less true to an unsubstantiated set of dogmatic beliefs, than the theists who once believed in the 1000s of other gods and idiopathic religions, were all true to theirs. I find it just mind boggling the way in which most Christians can so easily dismiss all of the other god(s), as simple being a part of mythology – and still hold theirs as the only true god. The fact is, all of these beliefs, can only exist outside the normal realm of reality. And in the world of make-believe; anyone can be anything that they want to be, but that still don’t make it real to others. The only true Christian; is the only one who believes, that they are a true Christian.