Friday, April 9, 2010

Animals that live without oxygen have been discovered for the first time:

 I have believed for many years now that our Universe is teeming with life. The only elements necessary for life are liquid water, chemicals, an energy source, and lots of time to evolve. It is believed that our Earth received most of its water, from the impacts with Comets; which for the most part, are just big dirty balls of ice. Besides being made mostly of frozen water, some are believed to contain, most of the elements, which helped to seed life, here on this planet.

I believe that anywhere in the Universe, where life can get its foot in the door, it will -- whether it be simple life forms, or life forms as complexes as us. From our current understanding, of how life got its start here on Earth, and with all of the variables, which were involved in our current state of evolution – we now know that unless other Earth-like Planets, mirrored our own Earth History in their formation as well; the life that we’d find there, would look nothing like our own. In a recent discovery closer to home; animals that live without oxygen have been discovered for the first time, deep under the Mediterranean Sea (anything that you can possibly imagine, probably exists, somewhere in the universe).

As I was watching this video, of the recently discovered giant tube worms, happily living their lives at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Next to hydrothermal vents, that spews out poisons, which would almost certainly be deadly, to most life living here on the surface of our Planet; I could only wonder if life also could exists, in other places in our own Solar System as well – places like the icy Moons of Saturn, or on Jupiter's ice-covered Moon Europa, maybe life could also exists on some Comets as well – being the fact we now know that not all life needs “gods breath” to live.

According to the Christian Gawd in the bible; he only created life here on this Planet. And our Moon is only referred to, as a light in the night sky. So I wonder what the ramifications would be for Christianity, and other religions, if life was in fact discovered, in other places in the Universe, or even in our own Solar System.