Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My higher power stuffed sheep’s ass has returned :

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My higher power stuffed sheep’s ass is back on his job again after returning from a well deserved vacation, and again, he’s ready to do my biding. About a month ago, he warned me that something real funky had entered into the mix with this lottery thing, and not to play again until he sent me a sign – he returned last Sunday, and I won over 400.00 dollars that day. Then Monday as my friend and I were leaving a restaurant after eating lunch, and as we were driving down the road, my friend started complaining about the smell of burning Sulfur that had somehow entered into his car. About that same time, we both started hearing a sheep barking loudly, we both heard: “Baaaaa, Baaaaa, Baaaaa,” and right in front of us, was one of the same store chains were I had purchased most of my other winning lottery tickets. So we pulled into the parking lot, parked and entered the store, and found the lottery vending machine – and at the same time, there was a guy pushing his shopping cart past me, and the front wheel on the cart started spinning around in circles and making a sound like a sheep barking, I heard: “Baaaaa, Baaaaa, Baaaaa.” So just like all of the other times before, I pulled two 20s out of my pocket – and by now, you already know the rest of the story!

My sheep is getting cleverer!

More to come!