Thursday, April 21, 2011

TN State Rep. Argues Einstein Would Teach Creationism

Why are so many Christians, so hell bent on creating controversy in scientific subjects like evolution, when in fact, within the real scientific community, there is absolutely no other competing scientific theory that can even raise a single formidable argument against evolution as being a fact? I believe the answer is quite simple, science (knowledge), which proves that all of the complex life forms that we currently see here on earth today (including humans), all evolved from simpler life forms and over billions of years – and then that fact, simply lays to waste those silly and deluded, childlike stories of creation contrived and written in the bible by ignorant man. In the real scientific community, any essence of truth contained in these latest of creation fairytales contained within the bible, have long ago been debunked and put to rest -- and this new “god” in the “bible,” has now also taken its proper place alongside the countless other silly figments of mans imagination, and the ones derived from his own pure and unadulterated ignorance – Thor, Zeus, Ra…, etc, have all been consigned to the scrapheap for man’s worthless ideas, and now the fact is that science has now reserved a special place right beside them for both the new “god” and his “son” “jesus.”

Why is it so hard for Christians to accept the scientific fact that humans and apes all evolved from a common ancestor? They believe that this latest one of the 1000s of god(s) that have been contrived over human history by man, simply created man in his own image, and created man and everything including the whole universe, and all within 6 days. When in fact, science has found no evidence for any single one of the 1000s of god(s), of which the only premise for their existence, are all only rooted in fantasy and superstition contrived from the human mind – the facts are that science is real, and god(s) are not real; however, reality means very little within the minds of deluded.

The fact is that science will never again turn to god(s) in seeking answers or truth – we will never again turn to the bible for answers when confronted with a pandemic or an outbreak of a new disease. Through science we now have an understanding of what causes medical conditions such as epilepsy, and we no longer prescribe “treatments” like exorcisms and other superstitious bullshit, which were all derived from religion and the ignorant bullshit that man had written in the bible. Yet, there are those who simply can’t accept the fact that the world has moved on – the distance between our understanding of the world 2000 years ago, and our current understanding of our world through science today, can only be expressed in light-years.

So just how far will the most profoundly deluded of those who carry this mind rotting virus of ignorance and stupidity go, in resisting the reality that their religious beliefs are based on nothing more than ignorant and mindless bullshit? They have simply become willfully deceitful and started telling outright lies -- they are now claiming Albert Einstein as a Christian:

The facts are that even some of the new religious have moved away from these simply childlike arguments that the creation myth in the bible somehow holds equal weight against the real science of evolution. Even the catholic church that had resisted any and all science which had conflicted with its own “divine authority” in these matters, has accepted the science of evolution as a fact, and in less time that it took them to accept the reality that they were wrong about the earth being flat, and an earth centric universe, or the fact that pathogens, and not fucking “demons,” are the cause of sickness. 

What is currently going on in the Tennessee House of Legislation (Tennessee House of Delusion) is appalling on so many levels. For one, creationism is not by any stretch of the imagination a real science – creationism is a fixed set of false beliefs (delusion), which are solely based on non-testable conjecture written in an old book of other fairytales (the bible); and fairytales that real science has already laid to rest many times over.