Saturday, April 16, 2011

Donohue blames the depravity of pederast priests on homosexuality:

The unheard cries of the victims of clergy sex abuse:

I was a baby and you baptized me. I was a young child and you brainwashed and deluded me. I was a young prepubescent boy, and you ass and mouth raped me; and you warned me that if I said anything about it, that I would burn in hell forever – and now you’re blaming me, for what you did to me?

President of the catholic league Bill Donohue, stopped short of blaming the young victims for the child sex abuse scandal that is now growing even faster than a priest’s erection, when he’s alone with young boys. In a full-page ad in the New York Times entitled "Straight Talk about the Catholic Church," Donohue proclaims: “let's get it straight—they weren't children and they weren't raped.” Donohue goes on to say: “more than three-quarters of the victims were post pubescent, meaning the abuse did not meet the clinical definition of pedophilia.”

Donohue then infers that the real issue is not pedophile priests preying on young children, the real issue here is homosexuality? He tries to make a distinction between the rapes of prepubescent children, and the molestations of older children by priests, who might or might not yet have started puberty? The onset of puberty in most boys begins at about age 12; however, most boys don’t reach sexual maturity until they’re midway through adolescence – and even in the catholic world of make-believe and delusion, 12 year old boys are not “post pubescent” – but what in the hell does that matter anyway. The sexual maturity of the children is not even a real issue, the real issue is the fact that these sick and deluded priests, preyed on young children for their own sexual gratification.

Donohue also claims that most of the accusations of priestly child abuse are fraud. Donohue complains that whenever there are new accusations in one diocese, they are followed by a wave of accusations elsewhere??? He points out that most of the recent accusations of priestly sexual child abuse, are all alleged to have happened many years ago, and "When $225,000 is dished out to a Michigan man who claims he was abused in the 1950s by a priest who died in 1983—and the diocese admits the accusation is unsubstantiated—it encourages fraud" (this is simply the way that most of this type of sexual abuse comes to light – the flood gates have now been opened wide, and this is now a global flood, and the catholic church is now drowning in a sea of depravity).

The levels of ignorance, stupidity, delusion and willful deception are just mindboggling in Donohue’s statements in this ad – and his complete total lack of empathy for the victims is simply appalling, and only reflects the position that the church has held every since its conception . The Catholic Church as a whole has shown little remorse and has instead only tried to defend itself. Instead of addressing and dealing with the fact that this sea of delusion attracts sexual deviants and predators who prey on young children -- they simply choose to move these sick priests from parish to parish, cover up the abuse, and then deny that there was even a problem – this has been going on for as long as this evil and corrupt organization has existed.

Most of the educated catholics will quickly point out the fact that Donohue doesn’t officially speak for the “holy sea,” but almost none will denounce him?