Sunday, September 19, 2010

Does your atheism mean more to you than just not believing in fairytales?

I always find it funny when a Christian says something of the likes of: “all of you stupid atheists, believe that nothing created something – and when everything we need to know is written right there in the bible.” Another feel-good misconception of theirs is that we are all immoral (they simply try to fuck-over each other, and then they simply ask their “GOD” for forgiveness). As an atheist, I simply try not to fuck anyone over in the first place – and when someone is in need, I’m not going to decide whether or not to help them, based on whether or not they’re religious or not. And if I see someone turn blue and pass out on the street, I’m not going to decide whether or not to call for help, or start CPR, simply because they might have a cross around their neck; however, I’ve seen Christians behave that way all the time – I have seen Christians start praying over someone who was having a heart attack – I started doing CPR on the guy, and continued until the medics arrived. After which a Christian asked me: “how could you give mouth to mouth to a dirty homeless person like him.” I asked this Christian if he was any less worth helping, simply because of his social status; she simply replied: “thank god you came along – you’re a better Christian than I am.”

I couldn’t believe it at first when I started receiving so much negative feedback from some of my close friends, after I had posted a story about some problems that a young man was having with his mom. She had lost her job, and she became depressed over the lack of available job opportunities here in Seattle’s banking industry. She was simply a causality of the financial meltdown, and she is only one of 100’s of banking employees, who lost their jobs here because of the bank buyouts and consolidations here in Seattle – however, she became convinced that her job loss was due in part to her lack of “faith” in “jesus.” So she started sending away large sums of money to those TV preaching con-artists and charlatans, that she had started watching on the “Christian television networks.” After he explained his story to my friend and me, he asked us for our advice. The friend that I was with at the time, usually, always has to put in his two-cents worth, whenever he hears me giving my advice about anything and to anyone – if someone asks me something as simple as how to change a flat tire on a car, he always has a better way of doing it – I understand his ego, and that understanding of him, is why we have been friends now for over 35 years – however, he had no advice at all for this young man . About an hour after our encounter with this young man; he simply said: “fuck that crazy Christian-bitch.”

Then after hearing this young man’s friends talking about how crazy his mom was acting, and how they felt that she might even be suicidal; I convinced another kid’s mom to go and talk with her. The problem with most delusional people including most devout Christians, is that they believe that everyone else is crazy, and they’re the only normal ones (most crazy people believe that everyone else is crazy, except for them). And after I made the suggestion that she attend a church, where I felt that other Christians might have been willing to help her – some of my friends, both young ones and older ones, started raking me over the coals big-time. At first I didn’t understand the level of contempt which they have for Christians (like, fuck those ignorant-folks – where’s their fucking “Jesus,” let “him” fucking help her/them). One asked me if I thought, that if it was my atheist-ass who needed help, that any of those deluded Christian, fucking morons would offer me any help – he said that if I were drowning, he said “yes, they would help you drown, they would toss you a fucking anchor” – or they would simply say: “let us pray for him.” I thought where I have seen this type of mentality and attitude before; I’ve seen it in Christian aid workers in Africa, while withholding food and medicine from dying Muslim children - and I’ve seem Muslim aid workers doing the same thing to Christians.

As someone who is both a progressive and an atheist, I simply don’t hate someone for what they believe, or don’t believe, and I hold myself to a higher ethical standard, than that of any of the Christians that I have met. The concern and companion that I felt for this bat-shit crazy woman and her children, was far greater than the level of contempt that I fell for this deluded mind-virus, and the stupidity and ignorance that Christianity causes in some people – and I don’t even hate those kinds of people – I simply hate their ignorance and stupidity. In the past I have went out of my way to help both Christians and Muslims – only to have Christians go out of their way and try and fuck me over – and I don’t even hate them – I’m not going to allow myself to become as hateful and bigoted as that ignorant Christian-trash.

I can now understand why some of my friends feel the way that they do about some Christians; however, I believe that as atheists, that we should take a much higher moral path, than the path that most of those of the ethically challenged and morally bankrupt, Christian-trash have in which we complain about have – I believe that some atheists are becoming just as hateful and ignorant as the bigoted ignorant Christian-trash that they complain about are – and do we as atheists have any real justification for this attitude? And should we call them out on this – lest we become just like the moderate Christians, who remain silent in the face of the Christian extremists?