Friday, July 30, 2010

Could atheists’ help shape-up the image of Christianity; even with other Christians?

I recently had a conversation with a young man who said his mom was causing him great embarrassment. He said about 10 months ago, his mom lost her job. He said that at first his mom was very upbeat over the prospect of finding a new job, and even finding one that paid better than the one that she had lost. Then about 2 months into her job search, she became depressed, and now she just sits at home and watches Christian television all day – he said that his mom now leaves the TV on, playing Christian programming, 24 hours a day. He said that when he comes home, or his friends drop by, his mom is always sitting in front of the television with the sound blasting – he said sometime when his friends come by, his mom is down on her knees, with one hand on the television, and the other one in the air, while crying and praying; he believes that she has simply lost her mind.

She has become convinced that she lost her job because; she was not tithing to Gawd. So about 6 months ago, she “sowed a 1,000 dollar seed to Gawd.” This was the first of many seeds that she has sown into the pocketbooks of these hucksters - and of course, she’s still unemployed today.

When he asked my advice, and the advice of one of my friends; the only things that we could tell him at the time, was that despite of all the crazy stuff his mom was now doing, the fact still remains, that she’s still his mom – and fuck what his friends think about this situation – and that he should never feel embarrassed over what other people think about his mom – fuck them!

A few days ago, I started thinking that maybe I should have tried to be a little more helpful to this kid; so I called him up and asked him for permission to blog about his situation, after I had done a little research into this sowing of the seed thing, and what other deluded tripe that the Christian networks might be spewing.

Last night I spent a few hours watching Christian TV. I was just astounded that over 90% of the content of these shows were about instilling fear into people, fear of what would happen to them, if they did not give their hard-earned cash to these fucking hucksters…, i.e. Gawd:

1. A woman stopped tithing and was struck with cancer. Then after she had planted a large seed, the cancer simply went away.

2. The reasons why you’re having trouble with your marriage or you have a child in jail or in prison, are because you’re not giving enough.

3. The reasons why you and your family have health problems (including type one childhood diabetics) are because you are not giving enough Gawd – they even “healed” a child live on TV, of her diabetes.

After watching this total bullshit, I began wondering just how anyone could fall for such asinine tripe and deluded bullshit – this bullshit isn’t even the gospel of Christianity – this is simply the gospel of pure greed and pure evil (those ignorant people will believe anything).

What I’m going to suggest to this kid, is for him to try and get his mom to go to an actual church this Sunday. There is a large, mostly black baptist church here in Seattle, that I had attended a few times with a Christian girlfriend when I was in my late teens. I attended her church with the hopes that it would help me in getting into her pants – it did. But even after that, I attended a few more times with her, not because I was looking for Gawd; but because the preacher there was really excellent at conveying a message of unity within the black community, and without a lot of the Christ-speak – this preacher was highly intelligent and quickly gained my respect – he had attracted many highly educated people within the black-community, including many black politicians – many of whom were about as Christian as I was.

My hopes are that if his mom gets out of the house, and attends a church with an intelligent preacher and church members, that she will see that not all Christians, or folks who claim to be Christian, believe all of that deluded bat-shit crazy bullshit like what she’s been watching on TV – and I hope that just her networking with other intelligent people, will increases the chances of her finding a job.

Anyone else have any suggestions for this kid and his mom?