Monday, January 17, 2011

My Sunday sermon – teaching Christians reality – where do we start?

Dear Christian parents

Do you ever wonder why you never hear of any scientific research tracing the animal migrations after the great flood? Do you ever wonder why you never see any scientific studies analyzing the DNA of the Chiniess people, in attempting to determine which one of Noah’s children that they were the most closely related too – or do you ever wonder which one of Noah’s children that you might even be the most closely related? And if you are a child, do you ever wonder what types of pet dinosaur that your distant relatives, might have played with when they were your age?

If you are a reasonable and intelligent adult, then you already know the answers to the above questions – and if your child is over the age of 9 years old and is still pondering questions about pet dinosaurs, then you are simply raising a little moron – and you are probably proud of it.

When I hear Christians saying that creationism should be taught alongside real science, and then just let the child decide which one to believe, I find at least 2 problems in that kind of thinking, or lack thereof – for one that would not be teaching – why would someone want something taught to children, which has not even one gram of evidence to back it up? The other problem that I have with this asinine and ignorant thinking – as a parent, I spent most of my time teaching our children real science - why should we as atheist parents have to waste valuable time that we could be teaching our children something useful, debunking total bullshit – this is why we don’t let our older children decide if they want to continue to believe in Santa either.

As far as teaching our children bronze aged mythology in the public schools as competing theories with evolutionary theory, and then why just then stop with the Christian-God – why not also teach them about the Egyptian-God(s) as well. Amun the Egyptian God, who created the universe while masturbating, and as he shot-off, and then painted the stars with his ejaculate (talk about a real milky way).

As Christians, you wouldn’t want your children being taught this asinine bullshit as science, and no more than I would want it taught to my children – and I feel the same way about deluded morons wanting to teach my children any other silly myths as well – like the one where your “God,” made the first man from the dirt in a garden, and then made the first woman out of his rib.

Open your eyes Christians, and stop trying to spread your mind-virus – not all of us, take pride in your ignorance – then join the rest of us in reality!