Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I just can’t be mean to Christians when they’re hurting:

I’ve wanted to tell those ignorant Christians that I know, the ones who voted for Bush and his pick for VP in 1999: “SEE, I TOLD YOU SO!!!”
 When they told me that they would be voting Bush for president in November; at first a thought that they were just kidding (I wondered, why these people would vote for a complete moron like Bush). I asked them if they knew anything about the backgrounds of either Bush or Cheney. I asked them if they knew that Cheney had constantly voted against every bill that was intended to help the poor and the middle-class. I asked them if they knew that he had consistently voted against the food-stamp program and the free and reduced lunch programs for poor school children, or if they knew that he was the CEO of a company with major contracts with the U.S. Government, including the military. I asked them aside from the unmistakable fact, that Bush is a complete and utter idiot and moron, just what made them think that he was more qualified to run our nation than Gore was; they told me: “you just don’t like Bush because he’s a Christian, and he’s going to restore the Christian values that our nation was founded on, and he’s going to end the baby killing (abortion) and he will bring back Christian-prayer in the public schools.”
 when I asked these ignorant Christian morons; whose face’s read like that of an 11 year old girl, whose having her first crush on a boy - what does any of this have to do with making him a competent leader in your eyes – they simply said that he was a man of “god,” and that they believed, that “god” had chosen him to lead our nation. I told most of them that if this deluded ignorant moron gets into office, that within his first term that we would be at war with Iraq, and that the price of a gallon of gas, would exceed ten dollars at the pumps (I have to admit though, that just like all of the tenets of Christianity; I simply pulled that ten dollar a gallon figure out of my ass – but still, I was only off by five dollars, and the time frame). That he would further deregulate the banking industry, leading to another tax-payer bailout; just like the one when his bother (Neil Bush) stole close to a billion dollars from the banks, back in the 1980s. And with his plans to both deregulate and expand oil drilling in sensitive areas of Alaska, and including drilling offshore wells along our coasts – I told them that I had feared an ecological disaster of biblical proportions.
 Nothing that I had told any of these ignorant Christian morons, seemed of any concern to them; they said that Bush would be guided by the hand of “god.” And I just hated Bush, simply because he was a Christian. Then yesterday as I was shopping for a new laptop computer, I started calling some of my friends to see if of any of them, might have a lead on one that I could buy on the cheap; I called one of my ignorant Bush loving friends, who I had not spoken with in a long while. Our conversation quickly turned to the events happening in the Gulf Coast. This Christian said that he knew that most of the stuff that he’d been hearing in the news was just mostly, just all bullshit. He said that his father had recently told him, that the area’s where he was going to fish this summer were all closed; but maybe they would reopen them later this year in the fall. He said that he was seeking the real truth as far as just how bad this mess in the Gulf Coast actually is – and he said because he knew of my extensive background in the sciences involved with this type of a situation, that he now wanted me to tell him the truth of just how bad this mess is. As I was getting ready to answer him, I remembered that most of his family lived in the Gulf Coast area, and that they fished the Coast waters for their livelihood. And that their fishing business had been in their family for many generations. At that moment, tears began streaming uncontrollably from my eyes – I wasn’t anymore sad at that movement, than I had been at any other time since this mess had started; I believe it was just the desperation in his voice, which had caused my reaction. I told him that from the beginning that I had believed that the well was leaking between one half million and a million gallons of oil into the waters each day, and that BP had just been lying about the enormity of this disaster from day one. And their interests were never about stopping the oil; it was only about letting the oil flow, until they could come up with some kind of half-hatched plan to recover some of the oil, and try to cut their losses. They could have used their remote subs to close the valve on the blowout preventer, and stop the uncontrolled flow of oil – and that they had lied about not being able to close the valve, because if they had closed the valve and stopped the oil – they knew that they would never be allowed to reopen it again; however, they did use the remote subs, to cut the 24 inch pipe leading from the well, which I now believe is spilling more than two and a half million gallons of oil each day, of which they now claim to be recovering about 600,000 gallons each day.
  told him that his families fishing business, and just like all the fish and marine life living in the Gulf Coast, have all started dying a slow miserable death. He said that his dad had started drinking again, after being sober for more than 30 years; and that his family was concerned that he might become suicidal if he lost everything. In the end he offered to give me a nice computer for free, which he said, only needed the OS reinstated because of a virus. I declined his offer despite the fact that it was a much nicer computer than the one that I ended up buying yesterday – see I knew that if I had anymore dealings with him yesterday, that he would have found some kind of a way to throw his Christian-bullshit in my face. And I would have then told him, that this mess, was all caused because you, and all of the other ignorant Christians, who voted for that ignorant fucking Bush, simply because you all share the same delusion. And just look at what it’s costing you and your family now. And in the end, I would have told him “SEE, I TOLD YOU SO!!!”