Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Atheist Pride Day, in Seattle:

Yesterday I bought a new digital camera; and I’ve been talking to my heathen friends for weeks now about reporting and posting on Atheist Pride Day here in Seattle. This will be the first of these events that I have attended in a long while. And I’m looking forward to meeting the Seattle Atheist’s Flying Spaghetti Monster again, and seeing many of my old friends again as well. Seattle pride day was mainly a gay thing in its early days here in Seattle; still, many of my atheist friends would attend this event with their families, including me. And this despite the fact that the ignorant gutter minded Christians here, would think that our children were being abused and molested – I find this interesting despite the fact that I was very homophobic in my younger years; but still, I would have trusted my young children to the charge of gay people, before I would have let them be around Christians, and any day of the year. My lady, my children and I, found it both interesting and funny after an investigator revealed to us, that a group of ignorant Christian morons here in Seattle, after them stealing and reading my private notes; came to the conclusion that I was having sex with my children – and they have been hell bent on identifying our children, for years now; (my ignorant Christian fan-club, at their best) me having sex with my children??? I have never partaken in that kind of Kentucky, fucking hillbilly, Christian fucking bullshit, in my household, ever!

As I was growing up, and seeing just how hateful and ignorant Christians were; and how they almost destroyed the families of two of my close atheist friends – I decided that these ignorant Christian-idiots and morons, would never get the chance of fucking with my own children. This Sunday, I will take great pride in watching my children participate in Atheist Pride day here in Seattle; and hooking up again with my atheist allies. I hope to share my experience with all of you in subsequent posts here. But for me this will be the first time in years, that all of the members of my family, will all be at the same place and at the same time together. Still in public, I will just sit on the sidelines and watch; this despite the fact that our children are now all highly educated and grown – this has become a personal thing with me. After all the time and money these ignorant hateful, asinine morons have spent in trying to get into my personal life, and the lives of our children; they have all simply failed. And GET a fucking life you ignorant Christians morons – you won’t find out who our children are, until we decide its time – back in 2002; I decided to write a book about the Christian persecution of atheists here in Seattle – and now 8 years later; my kids and I have been working on this project for the past 4 years, and that research will fill volumes (thank you!).

As an atheist, I take pride in aliening myself with the second most hated group of people in America (gay people). One doesn’t have to be gay to support our LGBT community. And none of the children that you will see taking part in this event are the victims of sexual abuse either – unless of course, they were Catholics at some point in time! Have a good day, Christians!