Saturday, September 24, 2011

Christian craziness at its finest – molesting the minds of innocent children

Many years ago, my friend tried to adopt a little stray dog that had wandered into his back yard, and had taken-up residency in his tool shed. This dog was extremely thin and mangy, and it had the worst odor of any other dog that I had ever seen before, and this odor was so bad, that I just can’t even begin to find the words, to even describe, just how bad that this dog smelled – my friend had even tried giving this dog a bath, but within minutes, this dog’s bad odor had returned, and had returned with an avenges even (this was simply the most mangy, and the most awful smelling dog that I had ever seen before).

My friend even tried feeding this dog. He had placed a large bowl, filled with dog food, right outside of the tool shed – but days went by, and this dog hadn’t eaten any of the food – it had seemed that this dog had simply disappeared. Then one night, my friend and I were cleaning some fish that we had caught, on a fishing trip the day before on a table in his back yard. And by the time that we had finished cleaning all of the fish, there was a big pile of fish heads and fish guts lying on the ground next to the table – then out of nowhere, comes this mangy and smelly little dog – snarling and growling, and foaming at the mouth. It then runs over to this big pile of dead fish parts, and then starts devouring the fish heads. And then after it had finished eating all of the fish heads, it then ran off and disappeared again.

Then over the next few weeks, my friend started finding the dead carcasses of small animals lying all over his back yard – there were dead rats, dead squirrels, dead cats, and even dead dogs - and all with parts of their heads missing.

Then one evening, and as my friend and I were sitting on the grass in his back yard, and sipping on some cold ones – out of nowhere, came this mangy and smelly little dog. It walks over to my friend and starts sniffing the back of my friends head – it then starts snarling and growling, and foaming at the mouth, and it then starts snapping at the back of my friends head, who then pulls out his pistol, and shoots this dog dead. We then dug a hole in the ground, and bury the thing. A few days later, my friend show’s me what looked like a large molehill, and it was right over the spot where we had buried this dog. We then both got shovels and started digging, but to our surprise, this dead dog was missing – my friend thought that maybe it wasn’t dead when we had buried it? And that it had simply awoke and dug itself out of the earth?

This case of the missing dead dog, had been a very troubling mystery for me for years – that was until last night, when I had watched this video -- at 5:50 in this video, this crazy and delusional, sick bitch, said to these children: “can I tell you a secret, don’t laugh if I tell you this, do you promise not to laugh – I know some kids, that have prayed for their dead animals, and they came back to life.”

Mystery solved ~ and I bet that I even know now, just what had happened to this dog’s first owner: poor kid!

Any reasonable and halfway intelligent adult and with a working brain (that is, a brain that hasn’t been halfway eaten by a Zombie-Dog – or hasn’t been halfway rotted away by Zombie-Jesus) can fully understand that my Zombie-Dog story is simply sarcasm – it’s simply a made up story – it’s simply make believe. And I would never write and post a story like this, anywhere that children the ages of the ones in this video might find it and read it.

To steal a quote from Vjack over at Atheist Revolution: “It really is remarkable, isn't it? It would be so easy to suggest that Ms. Daniels is in dire need of psychiatric treatment, but I think the more interesting question is how many others inhabit this bizarre world in which she apparently lives.”

Well, here’s one even crazier and deluded Christian bitch that we can all try on for size – and I can finally go and throw up now!