Saturday, June 4, 2011

Are gay people becoming the new Christian’s “witch”

What would you call someone who believes that gay people are “caught in the clasp of Satan?”

Despite threats of a boycott, Home Depot chairman Frank Blake has refused to bow down to the American Family Association’s demand that the retail giant stop sponsoring gay events.

The AFA's executive vice president, Buddy Smith, attended a Home Deport board meeting Thursday to present Blake with a petition bearing almost half a million signatures of those who say they’ll stop shopping at the home improvement store until the company opts to "remain neutral in the culture war."

Smith told Bryan Fischer that Blake responded by reiterating Home Depot’s commitment to promoting diversity and vowing to “continue down the very track they’re going.”

My hat’s off to Frank Blake, for refusing to bow down to the demands of this superstitious moron and hateful homophobic and deluded Christian cretin. Frank Blake is the chairman and CEO of The Home Depot. Buddy Smith is the vice president of the American Family Association (AFA) -- a conservative organization that supports a constitutional amendment defining marriage as strictly between a man and a woman.

The AFA’s use of fear and hate mongering, and outright lies and deception, in their efforts to remodel the nation into their version or vision of a “Christian nation,” and a Christian nation which conforms to their deluded worldview, is nothing new. In 2007, the AFA vehemently opposed the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act (Senate Bill 909), while falsely claiming that the law would in effect, make illegal all of the anti-gay hate speech that was currently being spouted from the pulpit – and that even the use of “man and woman,” could become a hate crime.

So what would you call someone who believes that gay people are “caught in the clasp of Satan?” I believe that we should view these deluded cretins in the same light as we would view someone standing in the town square 500 years ago, and proclaiming that the town was under an evil attack from “witches,’ and demanding that we start burning the “witches,” in an effort to rid the town of the evil; these ignorant people are deluded – and as rational thinking people, we need to stop giving any credence to their superstitious and deluded bullshit – lest we find ourselves being tied to stakes, alongside all of the other new “witches” (freethinking atheist and gay “witches”). Frank Blake did in fact give no credence to the threats of the boycott poised by the AFA’s Buddy Smith, and his list of the “500,000” other hateful, superstitious and deluded Christian idiots and morons. And in essence saying: “fuck you, and fuck your hateful and ignorant delusion, and fuck the horse that you rode in on” – well, at least, that’s how I would have responded.

Thanks Frank Blake! And I will be doing a lot more of my shopping at The Home Depot.